24 April 2018 - Event: ​Knowledge Set of Attack Surface and Cybersecurity Rating for Firms in a Supply Chain, Professor Shaun Wang

24 Apr 2018 05.00 PM - 06.00 PM Industry/Academic Partners


On 24 April, Columbia University's Master of Science in Actuarial Science program hosted an evening talk with Prof Shaun Wang.

Prof Wang gave the talk to an audience of nearly a hundred participants. The participants who attended the talk included renowned academia, David X. Li who created the formula that Killed Wall Street as well as academia and actuarial industry representatives from the New York City region.

During the session, Prof Wang presented cybersecurity models for both individual organizations and supply chains. Based on an organization's cyber knowledge set, he proposed various security production functions on which to enhance cyber resilience. Required security ratings on third parties can come a long way in reducing the cybersecurity information gap in a supply chain. Prof Wang also presented a reliability model of cybersecurity rating for firms, demonstrating how perceived reliability of ratings can impact firms to on their security investments.

A robust open the floor to questions session took place after the talk and captivated the audience with actuarial application responses to diverse cyber security challenges.