Centre for Information Integrity and the Internet

IN-cube aims to help promote information integrity in online spaces, especially in an era of misinformation and disinformation, through timely, rigorous, and relevant research that links academics, policymakers, industry players, and the public.

Core Research Themes

Media Consumption
Media Consumption
Consumer Behaviour
Media Consumer Behaviour

Trust, accountability, and privacy

Emerging Tech

Emerging communication technologies (wearables, VR)

Public Opinion

Public opinion of emerging technologies


Law, governance, and policy

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Director's Message

For most people, especially in Singapore, it is hard to imagine a day without the internet. A funny, but also thought-provoking, meme joked about adding internet connection to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The internet permeates almost every aspect of our lives, from conducting business transactions, doing work or school projects, keeping track of what is going around us, to connecting with our loved ones. But the internet also came with a host of problems, such as negative effects on well-being, widening social disparities and inequality, issues of privacy, and the spread of fake news.

The internet is all around us, and most of us consider it as part of our day-to-day realities. The more ubiquitous it gets, the more invisible it becomes, but all the more that we should keep track and understand how the internet, as well as emerging technologies that connect individuals to online spaces, is affecting our lives and our communities. This is our goal in starting the Centre for Information Integrity and the Internet or IN-cube. Our Centre is committed to keeping track and understanding the various facets and impacts of the internet as it continuously expands and becomes more embedded in our lives. Our mission is to provide Singapore and the world with important insights on the internet through rigorous, high-quality, relevant, transparent, diverse, and inclusive research that not only advances theory and knowledge but also delivers useful findings for policy and the industry as we strive to maintain information integrity in online spaces and beyond.

Associate Professor Edson C. Tandoc Jr.
Director, Centre for Information Integrity and the Internet (IN-Cube)

Our Publications

New Year, New Normal

In conjunction with the launch of IN-cube, we shared results from our first national survey, which asked questions about information behaviour during the pandemic and outlook towards the new normal. Find out more here.

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