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The mission of HESL is to advance the field of hardware and software integration through cutting-edge research and development. HESL aims to drive technological breakthroughs that enhance the functionality, efficiency, and security of hardware and embedded systems. We will undertake use-inspired basic research into novel algorithms and their architectural translations to innovate embedded solutions. We are also dedicated to innovating at the intersection of physical and digital systems to address critical challenges in design methodologies, embedded software, computing architectures, and cyber-physical systems. The lab will serve as a knowledge base to facilitate state-of-art training in these areas through active participation in industrial projects and the use of advanced tools and technology.

Our lab aims to lead in the creation of hardware and embedded system technologies that enable smarter, more secure, and highly interconnected environments. At present, focus groups at HESL perform R&D in the following key areas: Design Methodologies, Embedded Software, Reconfigurable Computing, Vision Enabled Sensing, Cyber-Physical Systems, and Secure Embedded Systems. ​​Our commitment to research excellence and collaboration with industry partners ensures that our innovations drive significant advancements in technology and offer tangible solutions to real-world problems.

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