Published on 18 Oct 2021

NTU Student Team won a gold medal in the 7th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition



MassPrint Technology Group, a team of NTU graduate and undergraduate students focusing on the commercialization of new mass transfer technology of Micro LED, won a gold medal in the 7th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition on 14 October 2021. 

Led by Mr. Changhong Linghu, a PhD student supervised by Prof. K Jimmy Hsia from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace at NTU, the MassPrint Technology Group includes multi-disciplinary NTU PhD, Masters and undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds in research and development, production, operation, finance, marketing, and sales. They aspire to become the leader of the mass transfer technology for Micro LED and make Micro-LED displays affordable. 

Micro LED display is known for its ultra-bright, ultra-clear, and thinner energy-efficient properties and is regarded as the ultimate Display Technology. However, it has not become a common part of our daily lives due to its high price. Conventional mass transfer technologies have three limitations: efficiency, cost, and chip size. The price of Micro LED TV has remained as high as millions, several hundred times that of the conventional displays due to its complex assembly process, known as Mass Transfer technology.  Essentially, the technology requires soldering hundreds and thousands of LED chips on an area as small as a fingernail with very high accuracy. 

MassPrint Technology Group has developed a new mass transfer technology drawing inspiration from the aphid insect’s adhesive claw. This new technology can increase the transfer speed up to 10,000 times and reduce the cost by more than 50%, with which mass production of Micro LED displays with high-efficiency, and low-cost can become a reality. 


The NTU students are:

Changhong LINGHU (Group Leader, NTU PhD student, MAE)

Mi Anchao (NTU Master student, NCPA)

Jiaping Xiao (NTU PhD student, MAE)

Tan Yee Yuan (NTU undergraduate, MAE)

Clarence Teo Wei Rui (NTU PhD student, MAE)

Xudong Yang (NTU PhD student, MAE)

Yucheng HUO (NTU PhD student, MAE)

Cheah Yao Kuang (NTU undergraduate, NBS)

Anshul Gupta (NTU undergraduate, MAE)

Taiji Wang (NTU Master student, NBS)


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