What We Do

We support the whole NTU research community with state-of-the-art neuroimaging facilities that focus on the exploration of the human brain’s structure and functions, with special regard to its normal and pathological cognitive functions. Located in Experimental Medicine Building (EMB) at NTU's Yunnan Garden Campus, we are equipped with state of the art neuroimaging modalities, including a Siemens Prisma 3T MR scanner, a Siemens 0T MR scanner, an Elekta Triux MEG scanner as well as EEG and other neuroimaging modalities, CONIC provides researchers with state of the art neuroimaging facilities. 

Research Focus

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Educational Neuroscience

Ageing and Rehabilitation Neuroscience

Clinical Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognition Research

AI, Computational Neuroscience & BCI

Material Science & Hardware Engineering

Biotechnology & Bioengineering

Cognition in Business, Art and Communication

Our research capabilities

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Located in the Experimental Medicine Building (EMB) at NTU's Yunnan Garden Campus, we have state-of-the-art neuroimaging modalities such as​

  • Siemens Prisma 3T MR scanner​

  • Siemens 0T MR scanner​

  • Elekta Triux MEG scanner ​

  • BrainAmp MR Plus EEG System​

Our ongoing research projects

Brain scan MEG

Establishing u-Rhythm as a potential physiological marker for physical fatigue using MEG

PI: ​Prof Balázs Gulyás


To study the response of brain with dynamic visual stimulus

PI: ​Prof Balázs Gulyás


A Portable Device for Providing Real Time Diagnostics on the ‘Fit for Duty’ Metrics of the Officers

PI: Prof Balázs Gulyás


Exercise and Diet adapted microbiome: a novel approach to sustain health and support healthy ageing for Singaporeans

PI: Prof Sven Peterson & Prof Balázs Gulyás