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The Centre for Optical and Laser Engineering (COLE) at the Nanyang Technological University aims to promote the growth and development of Optical Engineering in Singapore through collaborative research and development between academicians and industry.

COLE aspires to:

• Be a research centre where innovation in Optical Engineering that is currently dispersed in the School will come under one roof. The strong pool of qualified researchers would contribute to manpower and talent development to address the growing needs of this sector.
• Be the place for industry and prospective students/researchers to solve existing problems and develop new technologies in this growing field.


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Optical and Laser Engineering

  • Biomedical optics: high resolution and multi-modality imaging, Hyperspectral imaging.
  • Imaging at micro and nanoscale (Nanoscale Optics): Conventional and near filed interference patterning, Optical and laser speckle lithography, Random optics.
  • Optical metrology and instrumentation: speckle metrology, Micro- and nanoscale metrology.


Nanoscale Optics

Biomedical Optics and Optical Metrology

Optical Spectroscopy and Plasmonics