Published on 09 Mar 2023

The outlook for the blue economy in Africa

Amit Jain makes a presentation for diplomats of small island and coastal states at the Clingendael Institute

The Clingendael Institute in the Netherlands organised an online training programme on the Blue Economy for international diplomats (27 Feb – 10 Mar 2023) for which they invited Amit Jain, the Director of the NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies to make a presentation. Participants included 27 mid-career diplomats from over 20 small islands and coastal states. Amit presented a paper titled, Africa: The Blue Economy. His presentation was well received by the participants. “Very insightful presentation,” said one. “Expanded knowledge in Africa and its blue economy,” said another. A participant from Costa Rica said, “I really enjoyed the content of this presentation. The Caribbean faces similar challenges.”

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