Centre of AI in Medicine

About Us

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Welcome to the Centre of AI in Medicine. We are dedicated to pioneering advancements in healthcare through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). By uniting experts from medicine, engineering, data science, social science, and education, we will harness AI technologies to revolutionise patient care and inform public health policies.

We are committed to rigorous, evidence-based multidisciplinary research that will lead towards innovative AI while addressing issues of practical deployment and ethics. Central to our ethos is bridging the gap between users and AI, as doctor-patient relationships are redefined. Join us as we explore and shape the future of medicine, driven by the transformative potential of AI. Together, we can unlock new possibilities for a healthier world.


Research Focus

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Our Centre prioritises the following four clinical domains.

Mental Health

Frailty in the Elderly

Medical Imaging

Cancer Screening

Each domain is, in turn, supported by four research themes.

Clinical Outcomes Studies

Human-AI Interaction

Education and Training

Implementation Studies

Research Capabilities


Our infrastructure supports deep learning, big data analytics, and advanced simulations. We bridge the gap between research and practical applications, enhancing healthcare outcomes and societal well-being and our expert team provides unparalleled support in statistics, machine learning, and data science, enabling precise insights and data-driven decision-making in medical research.

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