Published on 30 Apr 2018

Noise cancelling device by NTU EEE scientists halves noise pollution through open windows

Researchers from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (NTU EEE) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have developed a device that can reduce noise pollution entering buildings through open windows.

Designed to be mounted onto window grilles, the device could reduce up to 50 per cent of noise coming from nearby environments such as busy roads, train tracks or from construction activities.

The device uses ‘active noise control’ technology – found in many high-end headphones that cancels external noise – and adapted to work in a large open area.

The benefits are two-fold: windows can be left open for fresh air without disturbance from external noise pollution, and reducing the need for air-conditioning to keep the interiors of buildings and homes cool.

NTU EEE Professor Gan Woon Seng, Director for NTU EEE’s Centre for Infocomm Technology (INFINITUS), who led the research said, “Compared to noise cancellation headphones, what we have achieved is far more technically challenging as we needed to control the noise in a large open area, instead of just around the ear." Prof Gan’s team comprises researchers Mr Lam Bhan, Mr Shi Dongyuan and Mr Belyi Valiatsin .

This noise cancellation technology is an example of research innovations that NTU is encouraging under its Smart Campus initiative, which aims to improve quality of life for society through the development of new sustainable and technological solutions and by trialling them on its campus first.


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