Counselling service

For more information about UWC's counselling services for students, please click here.

For more information about UWC's counselling services for employees, please click here


Psychological Emergency Line (PEL)

In times of psychological emergency when the University Wellbeing Centre is not in operation,
you may call 9721 1637 (after office hours)

Read more about this service here.


UWC Protocol

The University Wellbeing Protocol serves as parameters to govern the ethical practices and conduct of the University Wellbeing Centre staff, in the provision of professional counselling services to the students and employees of the NTU community.


Please click here for the University Wellbeing Centre Protocol.


Peer Helping Programme (PHP)

The NTU Peer Helping Programme (PHP) is a programme under the University Wellbeing Centre (UWC). Student volunteers, known as PHP Peer Helpers, are trained as self-care ambassadors.

Please click here for more information on PHP

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