FYP-URECA is a Final Year project (FYP) that is conducted as a continuation of an earlier URECA project carried out by a student during his/her 2nd and/or 3rd year of study. It aims to maintain the continuity of students' research experience as far as possible. Under this programme, students will continue with their URECA supervising professors as one of their FYP-URECA supervisors.


The objective of FYP-URECA is to encourage and nurture top NTU students to become researchers by equipping students with the essential research experience and skills. FYP-URECA could also serve as a foundation for their postgraduate studies.


FYP-URECA student will be eligible for the following:

  • Claim up to $500 of project consumable with the same claim criteria as URECA in addition to the school FYP consumable fund given;
  • Apply for URECA conference support fund up to $2,500 if his/her paper is accepted for presentation in a reputable conference;
  • Apply for journal publication award when he/she is the first author of the published paper in a reputed journal;
  • Participate in the URECA Poster Exhibition & Competition and win attractive awards;
  • Participate in a prestigious global pan-discipline academic awards programme known as The Undergraduate Award (UA-URECA);
  • Coordinate or participate in annual Global, Virtual, Live & Interactive Conference known as International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR-URECA);
  • Upon successful completion of the FYP-URECA programme, student will receive a certificate.


FYP-URECA duration follows the individual school FYP duration; however FYP-URECA student is required to submit the FYP-URECA deliverables in addition to individual school's FYP requirements.

If your FYP-URECA is 1 semester only or 2 semesters that crosses 2 Academic Years (semester 2 follow by semester 1), please notify URECA programme office at URECA@ntu.edu.sg

Academic Credit for FYP-URECA

The Academic Units (AUs) are awarded by individual students' schools. Hence, there is no additional AUs from URECA for FYP-URECA projects. 

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