Overseas Exchange

NTU offers various overseas programmes for students to gain a global perspective. Students will have the opportunity to enrich their undergraduate experience by spending a semester or two abroad in one of more than forty universities around the world. NTU's international exchange partners include universities in countries such as the US, UK, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. Studying and living in a different culture is an invaluable experience that will make students better placed for working or studying abroad after they graduate.

For more details, please click on the following link (http://global.ntu.edu.sg/GMP/Pages/index.aspx)

The following are some testimonials from some of our students who went on local/overseas exchange programmes and professional attachment.

Professional Attachment - Centre for Effective Living Pte. Ltd

My Professional Attachment was done at the Centre for Effective Living Pte. Ltd, a private psychology clinic. It was only a 10-week attachment, and in that time, I had learnt more than I had expected. My job scope as an intern was to shadow the psychologists in their job, and helping them with their work when needed, as well as helping out with the administrative work. When the clients gave their consent, I was allowed to sit in for the sessions. I observed many psychological testings, such as the WPSSI-III, WISC-IV, and WAIS-III, and was also lucky enough to witness a leadership testing by the organisational psychologist in the clinic. These are areas which undergraduates rarely get to experience. Besides testings, I also got to sit in for some therapy sessions, and was even entrusted the responsibility of mentoring one of the psychologist’s patients. Research work is of course an integral part of being a psychologist, as they are sometimes invited to give talks to organisations and schools. As such, I often helped the psychologists to find materials for their talk.

The attachment experience not only allowed me to witness first-hand the applications of psychology in the real world, but also allowed me to learn more about myself. This has allowed me to grow, and develop not only personally, but also professionally, as I have learnt how to handle myself better in different situations.

GEM Discoverer Prelude – Vietnam National University

From 20 July – 2 August 2014​​, I visited Ho Chi Minh City with 23 other NTU undergraduates. We attended diverse educational trips, workshops, and lectures by Vietnamese professors which gave an insider's social, economic and cultural scoop of Vietnam that one might not be expose to if one visited as a tourist. As such, I feel thankful to have had this two-weeks exchange opportunity. Not only was the experience intellectually stimulating, Ho Chi Minh City captivated me with its energy and beautiful cafes. The warmth of the locals and the delicious food compels me emotionally to want to visit Vietnam again.

Gem Discoverer – Summer Exchange at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea

Spending my summer in Korea at the historical campus of Sungkyunkwan University was an enriching and amazing experience. As a university with over 600 years of history, it epitomises modern Seoul, unifying cultural heritage with dynamic modern technology. It was an intensive four-week exchange programme and a wide variety of humanities and social science courses were offered. Experiencing the International Negotiations and Conflict Resolution module with students from​ over 60 nationalities was a rare opportunity for any psychology student. To see the myriad of cultures coming together to form a unique synergy during negotiation debates was both memorable and exciting. It was a once in a lifetime experience, fostering lifelong friendships with students from around the world.

Gem Explorer – Ryerson University, Ontario, Canada

I am grateful to have the opportunity to go on an exchange programme in Ryerson University, Ontario, Canada. It allowed me to experience independent living whereby we need to handle everything on our own, from grocery shopping to whipping up meals to doing the laundry. It was interesting and fun to hang out with friends in a foreign country, exploring the world together, and getting all amazed by the natural beauty out there. It also widens my perspective in terms of education, as I witnessed the differences between the country's education system and learning attitude of its people. Most importantly, it made me realise that "home is still the best" :) All in all, it was a wonderful memorable learning experience of a lifetime, and one should definitely grab the chance to go for an exchange or studying overseas, if opportunity comes knocking.​

Global Immersion Programme (GIP) – University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Going for GIP was a dream come true. The programme exposed me to a myriad of new cultures, new places, and new people. After the initial shock of being thrown into a whole new environment wore off, I eased into the slower pace of life that Seattle had to offer. The laid-back yet encouraging pedagogical atmosphere was a welcome change from what I was normally used to, and I benefited greatly from my interactions with both American and international students alike. I am deeply grateful for this experience, and would never trade it for anything in the world.

Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP) – National University of Singapore

Being in NUS provided me with an opportunity to interact with the students – both local and foreign – at the university, and to be introduced to a "student culture" that was different from what I was comfortable with in NTU. Even though some would argue that going for an exchange programme in Singapore would not benefit me much, I found that my time there was extremely enriching. I was not only exposed to a new learning environment, but was also provided with a new and different perspective on tertiary education in Singapore.

International Student Exchange Programme (INSTEP) – University of Melbourne, Australia
Having had the opportunity to go on an exchange programme to the University of Melbourne, Australia, I believe I gained a most enriching experience. I learnt much from the lessons I had – not just lessons on campus, but also in managing daily life matters independently as well as living on my own. I also got to travel a lot more extensively to gorgeous places such as Philip Island to see the smallest penguins in the world, and the 12 Apostles on my Great Ocean Road Trip. Overall, I had a blast!