Student Care

SSS places utmost importance on the wellbeing of its students. In this regard, SSS has a Student Care Office which serves as a first point of contact for students facing personal or academic challenges to seek assistance, care and guidance. The challenges can range from financial hardship and issues concerning relationships, family, housing, adjustment to academic difficulties (such as loss of motivation and feeling ‘stuck’, not sure what to do or having to take leave of absence, etc.).  

Students can book an appointment with Ms Elsie Ann Low, our Student Care Manager at SSS. 

NameDesignationContact No.EmailLocation
Ms Elsie Ann ​LowStudent Care Manager6514 8335

If you need assistance or know of any student who may be facing some challenges, we encourage you or your friend to seek help early. 

Remember, you or your friends are not alone. We are her​e to journey with you.