Dr Andy Hau Yan HO_2 [8x10]

Andy HO Hau Yan 
Associate Professor
Head, Psychology

Office:  SHHK-04-03
Telephone: 6316 8943
Email[email protected] 

Research Areas: Psychosocial Gerontology, Public Health Palliative Care, Community Health Psychology, Mindfulness and Expressive Arts, Participatory Action Research.
SH Annabel CHEN 

Office: SHHK-04-19
Telephone: 6316 8836
Research Areas: Clinical Neuropsychology, Higher Cognitive Functions in the Cerebellum and Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Aging Neuroscience,  Applications of Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging to Learning and Education. 
Choy, Olivia, Photo
Olivia CHOY
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-08

Telephone: 6592 1522
Email[email protected]

Research AreasCriminal and antisocial behaviour, Biopsychosocial Criminology, Psychophysiology, Transcranial direct current stimuation.

gumert (6)
Michael GUMERT
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-05
Telephone: 6514 1094 
Research Areas: Macaque Behavior and Evolution, Cultural Primatology, Animal Tool-Use, Wildlife Conservation and Management.

Ringo HO Moon-Ho
Associate Professor
Associate Chair (Faculty)

SHHK-04-07 / 06-15E
Telephone: 6316 8944 / 6904 7030 
Email: [email protected]

Research Areas: Quantitative Psychology, Neuroinformatics, Applied Statistics. 
Albert LEE​
​Associate Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-09
Telephone: 6592 1572
Research Areas: Culture and Cognition, Religious Cognition, Supernatural Beliefs, Anthropomorphism, Judgments and Decision-Making, Embodiment and Metaphorical Cognition, Temporal Reasoning, Self-regulatory Processes.

​Victoria LEONG Vik Ee
Associate Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-04
Telephone: 6514 1052
Email: [email protected]

Research Areas: Neural basis of parent-child social learning and communication, dual-EEG and interpersonal connectivity, early language learning and infant-directed speech, developmental dyslexia 
Luo Lizhu
LUO Lizhu
Assistant Professor

Office:  SHHK-04-11
Telephone: -
Email:  [email protected]
Research Areas: Affective Neuroscience, Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Parenting, Face Processing, Autobiographical Memory. 
Senior Lecturer

Telephone:  6592 7834
Email: [email protected]
Research Areas: Memory Distortion, Eyewitness Testimony, Cognitive Biases, Innovation & Challenges in Higher Education

Charles OR 
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-16
Telephone: 6316 8934
Email[email protected] 

Research AreasVisual Perception: Face Perception, Motion Perception, Object Recognition, Cultural Differences, Psychophysics, Electroencephalography (EEG), Eye Movements, Computational Modelling Systems Neuroscience, Cognitive Science

Joyce PANG 
Associate Professor
Associate Dean (Research)

Office: SHHK-04-08 / SHHK-05-56E
Telephone: 6790 6745


Research Areas: Human Motivation, Personality Assessment, Health Psychology, Adolescent Behaviors.
Paul Victor
Assistant Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-14 
Telephone:  6592 1573
Research Areas: Grief and Bereavement, Qualitative Research Methods, Health Psychology, Food and Eating, Health Professions Education Research, Implementation Science, Psychosocial Interventions for Wellbeing
SETOH Pei Pei 
Associate Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-12 
Telephone:  6316 8743
Research Areas: Developmental Psychology, Infant Cognition, Causal Reasoning. 
Associate Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-15 
Telephone: 6513 2250 
Research Areas: Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Computational Social Science.

Associate Professor 
Provost's Chair in Psychology

Office: SHHK-04-21
Telephone: 6316 8835
Email: [email protected] 

Research Areas: Developmental Psycholinguistics, Crossmodal Perception, Bi-/Multilingualism, Cross-linguistic Differences. 
TAN Chin Hong
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-27
Telephone: 6592 1581
Email[email protected]
Research Areas: Cognitive neuroscience of ageing and dementia, Cerebrovascular disease, Alzheimer’s polygenic risk.
TOH Wei Xing (Noah)
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-24

Telephone: 6592 3533
Email:  [email protected]

Research Areas: Self-Regulation, Executive Function, Emotion Regulation, Subjective Well-Being, Cognitive and Socioaffective Ageing.
Catherine WAN Ching  
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-10

Telephone: 6316 8945
Email[email protected] 

Research Areas: Shared Representations of Culture, Cultural Identity, Multiculturalism, Social cognition, Intergroup processes.

Associate Professor Xu Hong
Associate Chair (Research)

Office: SHHK-04-06 / SHHK-06-15C
Tel: 6592 1571  / 6316 8733
Email:  [email protected]


Research Areas: Perception and Neuroscience. 

Darren YEO
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-01
Telephone: 6592 5170
Email[email protected] 

Research Areas: Numerical and mathematical cognition; symbolic thinking; mathematics education; learning and memory; educational neuroscience

YU Junhong
Nanyang Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-02
Telephone: 6316 8949
Email[email protected]

Research Areas: Cognitive aging, Brain-based behavioral predictions and Cognitive enhancements

Jansen ANG Chong Han
Adjunct Associate Professor
Senior Principal Psychologist, 
Singapore Police Force 

Office:  SHHK-04-23
Telephone: 6592 1577
Research Areas: Community Resilience, Trauma Intervention.  
Adjunct Associate Professor 
Singapore Police Force  

Office: SHHK-04-22  
Telephone: 6592 1576
Research Areas: Forensic Psychology
Gemma Anne Calvert 
Professor (Practice) (NBS / Courtesy Appointment)

Office: S4-B4B-ACI  
Telephone: 6592 1894
Research Areas: Consumer Neuroscience, Implicit Processing and How brands work in the brain. 
Benjamin Hill Detenber
Associate Professor (WKWSCI / Courtesy Appointment)

Office: SHHK 03-42
Telephone: 6790 5809
Email[email protected]
Research Areas: Media psychology, Computer-mediated communication, Public opinion, Political communication, Science communication
Vanessa Evers
Professor (SCSE / Courtesy Appointment)
Director, NTU Institute for Science and Technology for Humanity

Office: ADM-06-04
Ng Bee Chin
Associate Professor (SoH / Courtesy Appointment)
Associate Dean (Graduate Education), College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
Programme Chair (Global Asia), Interdisciplinary Graduate School

Office: SHHK-05-56F/ SHHK-03-52
Telephone: 6592 3238/6790 4329
Research Areas: Child language acquisition and semantics
Krishna Savani
Associate Professor (NBS / Courtesy Appointment)

Office: S3-01C-81
Telephone: 6790 4628
Email: [email protected]
Research Areas: Intersection of cultural psychology, decision making, and organizational behavior, with a special focus on how cross-cultural comparisons can reveal insights into basic psychological processes.

Yohanes Eko RIYANTO   
Chair, School of Social Sciences 
Affiliated member of Psychology

Office: SHHK-4-70 / SHHK-06-15A
Telephone: 6592 1578 / 6592 7570
Email: [email protected]

Research Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance and Governance.