Mass Spectrometer Facility

The Mass Spectrometer facility hosts several mass spectrometer systems: Waters Q-tof Premier MS, ThermoFinnigan PolarisQ MS, ThermoFinnigan LCQ Fleet MS, and ThermoFinnigan LCQ Deca XP MS. The ionization techniques available are electron impact (EI) and electrospray (ESI). For access requests, please contact our staff.

Contact Information

Ms ZHU Wen Wei
Phone: (65) 6316 8981

Equipment List

Waters Q-tof Premier MS

High Resolution Mass Spectrometer equipped with Waters Acquity UPLC. Waters Q-tof Premier MS enables automated exact mass measurements.
ThermoFinnigan PolarisQ MS

Quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer equipped with Thermo Trace GC.
ThermoFinnigan LCQ Fleet MS

Quadrupole ion trap Mass Spectrometer equipped with Thermo Accela LC.