What we do

The SMRT-NTU Smart Urban Rail Corporate Laboratory is set up to develop technology-driven solutions to build an urban rail system with enhanced resiliency as Singapore moves towards a car-lite future.

The $60 million Corporate Laboratory provides a collaborative platform that brings together the operational and engineering experience of SMRT and the scientific and research capabilities of NTU to deliver operational solutions that better serve the needs of our expanding rail transport network.

Developing next-generation urban rail technologies 

The Corporate Laboratory will pave the way towards developing next-generation urban rail technologies and nurturing professionals for Singapore's smart mobility ecosystem.

Condition-monitoring technologies developed in the laboratory will eventually transform trains so that they double up as inspection vehicles to hunt down potential problems before they happen. In-depth analytical tools will also be developed to predict the life span of critical rail assets for timely periodic replacement purposes. 

Through the partnership, the laboratory serves as a place to train competent researchers and engineers for the railway industry. 

Research Focus

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The Research Lab focuses on two complementary research tracks in the development of innovative urban rail solutions.

RCMS Track Revised

Real-time Condition Monitoring Suite

Develop advanced detection methods and monitoring systems with real-time data from sensors that monitor critical components of the train and the track to address issues quickly and accurately before they happen.

By doing so, it allows components and parts to be repaired or replaced timely so as to minimize interruption of train services during revenue hours and prevent technical issues from escalating into a problem.


Enhancing Integrity and Reliability of Rail Assets

Using prediction methodologies and analytical tools to produce accurate data to better assess the life span of train components and systems for optimisation of maintenance and servicing processes.

This research will help in refining maintenance schedules to reduce potential problems and ensure that train and track components are performing at their best.

Research Areas

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NTU researchers and SMRT staff have worked on 17 projects in rail condition monitoring and asset enhancements, with some already transitioned from the Lab to the track for field trials and will greatly benefit SMRT in its service to commuters and prolong the lifespan of its assets.