Published on 07 Nov 2023

SCSE Triumphs Again: Consecutive Victories in NTU Badminton Staff Games 2022-2023

Group photo of SCSE team members at NTU Badminton Staff Game 2023

Team members
Back row (from right): Mr. Ji Jun, Dr Shen Zhiqi, Mr Long Wenjun, A/P Hui Siu Cheung 
Front row (from right): Mr Vijaya Bhaskar Adusumilli, Mr Toh Leong Teck, Mr Guo Dongfang, Mr Chen Jiale, Mr Yang Ze, Mr Lyu Shengfei, Mr Jeremiah Chua, Ms Li Anran, Ms Jenn Yap Cai Ying, Ms Lei Han, Ms Huang Yi, Mr Bill Zhao Yansong, Ms Yuan Yongmei

Congratulations to our exceptional SCSE badminton team for their outstanding achievement in clinching the NTU Badminton Staff Games Championship for the second consecutive year! This back-to-back victory in both 2022 and 2023 showcases not only our team's remarkable talent and dedication but also their unwavering spirit and sportsmanship.

With relentless determination, skill, and teamwork, our players have once again demonstrated the true essence of sportsmanship and excellence. Their hard work, perseverance, and passion for the game have truly paid off, making us immensely proud.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to each member of the team for their tireless efforts and remarkable performance. Your victory serves as an inspiration to all of us, highlighting the strength that comes from unity and perseverance.

Let's celebrate this remarkable achievement together and continue to shine brightly in all our future endeavors. Well done, Team SCSE! Your success is a testament to your talent and the spirit of SCSE,

Results during the competitionfrom 03-Oct-23 to 31-Oct-23.

  1. Round Robin Results in Group A: SCSE vs Admin + NIE

    SCSE won with the results: 4:2

  2. Round Robin Results in Group A: SCSE vs LKC + NBS

    SCSE won with the results: 4:2

  3. Semi-Final SCSE vs SBS + CEE/NEWRI + WKW SCI

    SCSE won with the results 5:1

  4. Final: SCSE vs MAE

    SCSE won with the results 4:2