Published on 29 Aug 2022

SCSE Transition Orientation Programme 2022

The University and the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) warmly welcome our freshmen for AY 2022/23. With the stabilisation of the local pandemic situation, SCSE Transition and Orientation Programme (TOP) 2022 had carefully planned and held our first ever physical orientation after two uncertain years while observing the prevailing Safe Management Measures (SMM). Students will also resume back to learning in physical classrooms, providing a more interactive and engaging learning experience that was missed from the impact of the pandemic. This is a sign that we are all shifting back to pre-pandemic normalcy.

Photo of a large group of students in a Lecture Theatre.

TOP was held over a period of 3 days from 2nd-4th August 2022 in a hybrid format, combining both virtual and physical activities. With support from the student leaders, the freshmen were able to indulge in fun activities helping to foster friendship and build bonds among their peers. Activities such as the Amazing Race where the freshmen were introduced to the various campus facilities. The sharing sessions by the seniors and the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Club moreover gave them a glimpse of the vibrant campus life that lies ahead of them, as well as tips to navigate through the curriculum and programme. 

Collage of photo within a welcome screen exacted from the virtual Freshmen Welcome Ceremony video.

Both the SCSE Freshmen Welcome 2022 and the University Freshmen Welcome Ceremony 2022 were held virtually on 2nd Aug 2022 - a rite of passage for freshmen to be formally inducted into the University. They were also welcomed by the SCSE Chair and Associate Chairs, sharing with them the SCSE programme and experiences. They were briefed on the school’s academic and support system.

SCSE TOP 2022 was a fulfilling programme for the freshmen to seamlessly transition into the next phase of their University educational journey. We hope that the relationships fostered through TOP will help them be integrated into the SCSE family. 

A panorama photo of a group of students in a small Lecture Theatre.

We wish the freshmen all the best to their learning and University journey ahead!