Published on 11 Apr 2022

SCSE Students win Hackathon

Champions in the financial technology track

Group of 4, one female and 3 male students, 2 male students are holding a laptop.Team Members: Chen Yifan (CS, Year 2), Lim Her Huey (CS, Year 2, Lim Yan Kai (CS, Year 2, Vinay Krishnaa Vinod (BCE, Year 2).
Name of Competition: iNTUITION v8.0 organised by IEEE

This is one of the largest student-run hackathons in Southeast Asia, with more than 100 teams participating across 3 industry tracks. The industry tracks were sponsored by Goldman Sachs, Indeed and MSD.

By choosing to work on the Financial Services Track, this student team from SCSE – NTU were judged by senior management from Goldman Sachs. They focused on the topic of scam prevention and developed their product, AntiFish. 24-hour hackathons like iNTUITION are exciting for their team to brainstorm on problems faced in the industry and produce a Proof-of-Concept which is viable in industry – exhibiting the Design Thinking Pipeline. This opportunity has inspired the team to observe for challenges the financial services industry faces today and continually brainstorm on unconventional approaches to solve these challenges while maintaining a user-centric outlook.