Published on 22 Dec 2020

SCSE shines at the prestigious Nanyang Awards 2020!

SCSE has much to celebrate at this year’s Nanyang Awards Presentation Ceremony, held on 16 December 2020. This year, three of SCSE’s faculty have won  the Nanyang Awards. One for excellence in education and another two for outstanding contributions in research.

Associate Professor Arvind Easwaran won this year’s Nanyang Education Award (School) for his dedication and excellent teaching practices that has enriched the learning experiences of SCSE undergraduates. The Nanyang Education Award is the highest honour conferred by the University to faculty members in the field of teaching.

Associate Professor Erik Cambria won the Nanyang Research Award (Young Investigator), which recognises him as a young researcher below the age of 39 years who has made outstanding contributions in extending the frontiers of knowledge. Professor Wen Yonggang, a past Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award winner, was conferred the Nanyang Research Award (University) for his significant breakthroughs and global recognition.  

Let us extend our warmest congratulations to our SCSE faculty members who have been awarded the Nanyang Awards 2020. 

Assoc Prof Arvind Easwaran1) Nanyang Education Award (School)
    Assoc Prof Arvind Easwaran

Assoc Prof Erik Cambria2) Nanyang Research Award (Young Investigator)
    Assoc Prof Erik Cambria

Prof Wen Yonggang3) Nanyang Research Award (University)
    Prof Wen Yonggang

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