Published on 25 Jan 2022

SCSE Open House – Tours 2022

Web banner for Virtual NTU Open House.

Welcome to School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE).

We are excited to present our virtual open house and physical tours to you in line with NTU Open House 2022.

Below is the current schedule of events line up for School of Computer Science and Engineering

Live Chats and Streams 19 Feb
11 am -12 pm
SCSE Faculty Live Chat
19 Feb
1 – 2 pm
SCSE Students Live Chat
Physical Tours
21 Feb – 4 March (weekdays only)
(via pre booking only)
* T & C apply

*T &C for Physical Tours

  1. Tour Participation and Registration:
    • Only students will be allowed to participate in tours.
    • Parents will not be allowed to participate in tours as we have number restrictions per each group.
    • Once registered, we will not allow for participate to change slots.
    • SCSE reserves the right to change the tours/ program schedule at any time.


  2. Health Declaration (Mandatory):

    As per NTU Policy, from 1 January 2022, only business-related visitors who are

    (i)     fully vaccinated,

    (ii)    medically exempted, or

    (iii)  have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days, will be allowed to be present on campus, in compliance with the national guidelines.

    • Unvaccinated visitors will not be allowed to enter campus venues.
    • The visitors must be pre-registered and submit their health declaration form at least one day before their visit.

  3. ART Test (Mandatory):
  • All attendees must do ART and submit results 12 hrs before their arrival to NTU campus via email.
  • The image must include the ART result, date & time and your IC to verify your name (please blank out your IC no).
  • Participants who do not comply with the above will be refused participation even if registered.

For any further enquiries on the tours, please write in to  [email protected] (Ms Tan Lay Yen).