Published on 12 Apr 2021

SCSE Open House 2021

SCSE’s Annual NTU open house was successfully presented on 20 and 27 Feb 2021. With existing covid-19 restrictions in place, Open House 2021 was held from 19 Feb to 5 March virtually with a host of online events.

This year the event was conducted over 2 weekends comprising of live talks by students and sharing by faculty held on 20 Feb and a physical tour of SCSE facilities with limited numbers on 27 Feb. Aside to this, an online zoom session was held for the Poly and JC applicants separately to give them an overview of the SCSE programmes which were also well received.

The physical event was limited to 100 participants for the whole day and was well received with most sessions fully booked. Alongside to this, SCSE actively engaged and promoted via its social media handles to engage and inform potential students on various aspects.

SCSE would like to take the opportunity to thank all our SCSE student ambassadors who extensively planned and executed the tours and to our faculty team who helped during the live talks as well as during the physical visits.

SCSE Virtual Map

20 February 2021,  Virtual Open House 

SCSE Faculty Live Chat session

  1. Nicholas Vun
  2. Sun Aixin
  3. Sourav Sen Gupta
  4. Oh Hong Lye
  5. Ke Yiping Kelly
  6. Li Fang
SCSE Faculty Live Chat session
SCSE Faculty Live Chat session - behind the scene.

SCSE Student Live Chat session

  1. Adithya Venkatadri Hulagadri – DD-BCG, Year 3 
  2. Okkar Min – CS, Year 4
  3. Vickram Peter – CE, Year 3
  4. Lin Huangjiayin – CS, Year 4
  5. Cammy Mun Kei Kuai – DSAI, Year 2
  6. Tan Jun Hong – DD-BCD, Year 2
  7. Tan Yie Ern Nicholas – DD-CSEC, Year 3
SCSE Student Live Chat session

Students Technical support

  • Fong Hao Wei –  Social Media Live support
  • Ahmad Jazli Bin Abdul Razak – Slido moderator
  • Khin Nway Htway – Slido moderator

27 February 2021, Physical Open House


  1. Nicholas Vun
  2. Sun Aixin
  3. Sourav Sen Gupta
  4. Goh Wooi Boon
  5. Quek Hiok Chai
  6. Newton Fernando
  7. Smitha K G
  8. Sinno Jialin Pan
  9. Oh Hong Lye
  10. Yeo Chai Kiat
  11. Deepu Rajan
  12. Zinovi Rabinovich
  13. Francis Lee
  14. Yuan Ren
  15. Erik Cambria
Physical Tour on 27 Feb 2021

Student Ambassadors – CORE TEAM for planning SCSE Physical Tour

  1. Alice Chua Qin Hui – DSAI, Year 3
  2. Tanay Bharadwaja – DSAI, Year 3
  3. Bhargav Singapuri – DSAI, Year 2
  4. Ng Hong Kai Lyon – CS, Year 2
  5. Vickram Peter – CE, Year 3
  6. Okkar Min – CS, Year 4

Students Team for Virtual Map 

  1. Xavier Tan
  2. Tan Jun Hong
  3. Ahmad Jazli Bin Abdul Razak
  4. Francis Lim Yong Wen

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NTU SCSE OPEN HOUSE 2021 - Live Chat by FACULTY Members
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Welcome to SCSE's Open House 2021 - Prof Miao Chun Yan

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