Published on 03 Apr 2020

SCSE Computing Challenge 2020

The Annual SCSE Computing Challenge was successfully conducted on 18 and 19 January 2020. A total of 24 teams registered from the Junior Colleges and 20 teams participated in the competition this year. It a much better turn out as compared to 2019 Challenge, where there were 14 teams participated. Team registrations for the challenge began in October 2019 and the training for the session was conducted on 6 and 7 of December 2019 for the registered teams by SCSE Students and Trainer from AWS. 

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the teams who participated successfully!

The entire challenge was conceptualised and developed with the help of a 4-member student team (Okkar, Lionell, Swathi and Tammy) overseen by School of Computer Science and Engineering’s faculty Mr Oh Hong Lye. The student team also worked closely with a team from AWS to negotiate the use of the platforms for the training ground and execution of the challenge. The students further conducted a trial session on React and React Native with SCSE students to fine tune content. Several videos were also created as tools and training materials to complete, prior to attending the actual training in December 2019

Amazon Web Services were the proud sponsors of prizes, trophies, medals and training platform for this year’s challenge. They also showed us their support with provision of goody bags and sent a representative Ms Charissa Chang to be on the panel of judges. Many teachers from the respective participating schools also turned up to support their student teams. 2 of alumni Mr Yeo Kai Yeat and Mr Kenneth Chia also joined us as guest judges on the day.

The Junior College participants were exceptionally creative and competitive. The projects presented were so amazingly outstanding, that the eight member panel of judges comprising of faculty, guests alumni and our guest judge from our sponsor were confronted with a huge task on deciding the winning teams for the various categories.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the teams who participated successfully!!

The eight-member panel of judgesThe eight-member panel of judges. Dr Smitha K, Dr Sourav Sen, Assoc Prof Sun Aixin, Prof Guan Cuntai, Ms Charissa Chang, Mr Kenneth Chia, Dr Loke Yuan Ren, and Mr Yeo Kai Yeat

A/P Nicholas Vun, Associate Chair (Academic) presented a plaque to show appreciation for the guest judges.Associate Professor Nicholas Vun, Associate Chair (Academic) presented a plaque to show appreciation for the guest judges – Charissa Chang and Kenneth Chia.

The categories of awards were expanded to include additional awards of Special Mentions as outstanding innovative ideas were presented by the groups.







7. SPECIAL MENTION AWARD – Technopreneurship (SCSE)


Final List of Winners:

Eunoia Junior CollegeTeam :DLee XinYe(1) Technopreneurship Award

(2) Special Mention AWS Award
​Francis Tan
Caitlyn Kua ​
Hwa Chong Institution (College Section)JavaScriptKiddiesTeo Kai XiangTechnopreneurship - SCSE Special Mention Award
Bryan Shan Guanrong
Sherman Chann Zhi Shen
Low Keng Hoong, Warren
Zhang Yao William
Jurong Pioneer Junior CollegeTeam JP BetaSreeram VasanthTechnical - SCSE Special Mention Award
Sharma Himanshu
Lim En Cheng
Mahima Sharma
National Junior CollegeTandas v2Sun Xinyu(1) Technical Award
(2) Special Mention Alumni Award
Leong See Leng
Bian Rui
Isa B Mohamed Yamin
Zhu Yuqing
National Junior College405 FoundLiuyaCreativity Award
Lai Wen Cheng
Benjamin Teng


Congratulations to all the winners!

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