Published on 08 Jul 2021

NTU team came in 2nd Overall in the ISC21 Student Cluster Competition

Congratulations to the NTU team – Supernova!Team members (from left): GOH Puay Hiang (CE, Year 3), LI Shenggui (CS, Year 4), YANG Shenghao (CE, Year 3), TAN Jia Qing (CS, Year 2), Aurelio Jethro PRAHARA (DSAI, Year 2), DO Xuan Long (Mathematical and CS, Year 2).

The NTU team comprising of students from various undergraduate programmes of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, once again rose to the challenge, competing at the top of the ladder in the international Student Cluster Competition. The NTU team, was awarded the 2nd place Overall winner award at the recently concluded International Supercomputing Conference 21 Student Cluster Competition. The competition started on 24 May 2021 and concluded on the 18 June 2021. This was followed by team interviews by HPC experts. There was a total of 13 teams from 7 countries participating in the competition.

This year, the competition was incredibly demanding as it was virtual. The team had to use the resources from the Niagara Supercomputer in University of Toronto, Canada and the ASPIRE1 supercomputer at NSCC(Singapore). The two supercomputers had their own very unique resources and configuration. Students were required to optimise the HPC applications on the two supercomputers.

The team managed to complete the challenge successfully and are extremely excited and happy with the overall achievement. The experience was definitely an eye opener on various aspects of integration, teamwork, knowledge of applications, problem-solving and analysis.

The team is extremely grateful for the motivation and support from their
Advisors: Prof Francis Lee Bu-Sung, Mr Siyuan Liu
Mentors: Mr James Chen, Dr Jernej Zidar, Mr Terry Yin and Mr Prannoy Sablok.

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