Published on 20 Jun 2023

Grand Prize Winners – Hack Singapore 2023

Photo of 4 undergraduates receiving award with cheque board on stage.

Team members (from left): Anand Chaanan Singh (BCE, Year 3), Bryan Lim Kai Wen (BCG, Year 3), Anand Chiraag Singh (BCE, Year 3), Ng Yong Jie (BCG, Year 3).

hacksingapore is an annual national hackathon event, where talents gather to tackle problems through emerging technologies The hackathon acts as a platform that brings together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate on ideas to tackle some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time. The Grand finale took place as part of Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG),  Asia’s flagship tech event where technology intersects with society and the digital economy.

Organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Informa Tech, and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), ATxSG drives conversations only possible in Singapore across business, tech and government.

Competing in the Sustainability Track, Team Revent from SCSE had to first prepare an app prototype and video describing their idea and how it helps in sustainability. The team's idea was to create a hardware solution that allows users to receive their receipts on their phones through a tap, eliminating the need for paper receipts. 

After a week of waiting, the team was notified that they were selected for the finals of the hackathon. For the finals, the team improved the app and prepared a slide deck to present to judges that were senior management from IMDA, Alibaba, Open Government Products and Team Revent’s pitch showcased their commitment to sustainability and their user-centric approach. Their hard work, dedication, and innovative thinking paid off when they emerged as the grand winners in the fiercely competitive Sustainability Track in Hack Singapore 2023, held on 9 June 2023.

hacksingapore has become a driving force behind Team Revent's unwavering commitment to tackling global challenges, and they continue to explore novel pathways to create a more sustainable world while prioritizing the needs of individuals.

Congratulations to our students, Team Revent!

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