Published on 16 Jun 2023

First Time Champions in the Virtual ISC Student Cluster Competition in the ISC23

1 large and 3 small photos of Uni students taking part of computing competition.Team member (from left): Aryan Sharma (CS, Year 2), Lakshya Agarwal (CS, Year 2), Duong Ngoc Yen (CS, Year 3), Ding Dao Xian (EEE, Year 3), Wang Ruisi (CS, Year 3), Luo Yihang (CS, Year 3), Loke Yuan Ren (Advisor). 

Our NTUHPC team, Supernova, led by Dr Loke Yuan Ren, emerged as the champions of the virtual part of the prestigious ISC 2023 Student Cluster Competition (SCC)! Defeating 15 world-class teams from top-tier universities, this remarkable victory marks our first time winning the championship in this competition. The SCC was held in Hamburg, Germany from 1 March to 1 May (Virtual) and 22-24 May (In-person).

The competition, known for its rigorous challenges in high performance computing (HPC), tested participants with complex applications from fluid dynamics simulation, material modelling to solar coronal magnetic field, performance benchmarks, and real-world workloads. Team supernova rose to the occasion, showcasing exceptional teamwork, problem-solving skills, and technical prowess throughout the intense three-month preparation for the competition.

Overcoming tight time constraints, our team collaborated seamlessly to optimize the performance of our HPC system. Rigorous training, effective communication, and knowledge sharing played crucial roles in identifying bottlenecks, streamlining workflows, maximizing system efficiency and optimize the performance of each application. 

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed sponsors, whose support and resources have been invaluable on this journey. Their belief in our potential has empowered us to achieve greatness and push the boundaries of technological advancement. We extend our thanks to all our supporters, sponsors, advisors and dedicated team members. Together, we will continue to make remarkable strides in the world of high-performance computing! 

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