Published on 07 Sep 2022

Best paper at PlatCon 2022

Photo of a group of researchers and students sitting infront of a small coffee table with a certificate on it.Team members (from left): Dr Seanglidet Yean (SCSE Research Fellow), Mr Teo Wei Jie (CS, Class of 2021), Mr Chia Bing Xun (WKWSCI Research Associate), A/Prof Francis Lee Bu Sung (SCSE), Mr Oh Hong Lye (SCSE Senior Lecturer); Inset photo (from left): Prof Theng Yin Leng (WKWSCI; Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs) and Mr Swa Ju Xiang (CS, Class of 2022)

The paper entitled, “Design Principles and considerations for a Localisation Application for Caregivers of People with Dementia” received the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Platform Technology and Service (PlatCon 2022). The paper is reporting on the work done under the NCS SCALE grant project called Lost and Found- Localisation, Prediction and intervention for people with Dementia. This scientific paper is co-authored by students and researchers from the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) and Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI), NTU. 

The number of people suffering from Dementia has been increasing, increasing the burden of caregivers living in the community. Despite the potential of mHealth technologies, many of these systems have low acceptance and adoption rate due to varying needs and dynamics of users, such as primary and secondary caregivers. Hence, they aims to consolidate user interaction and assess the proposed design with potential users. This paper reports on the methodology used for determining user’s requirements of a tracking and localization mHealth application for the caregivers of a person with dementia with wandering and getting lost behaviour. Remote Usability testing was conducted on the SingTRACeX application using scenario-based methods and feedback was obtained for the refinement of the application. Lessons learned and higher design principles and guidelines were highlighted based on the different needs of caregivers.