Published on 14 Apr 2023

2022 Staff Games Cricket Champion (Joint Team SCSE/EEE/SBS)

A staff receiving awarded plaque on stage.Dr Furqan Zahoor, SCSE Research Fellow received the awarded plaque from Prof Ling San, NTU Deputy President and Provost at the prize presentation ceremony on 20 March 2023. 

The NTU Staff games cricket championship was held in September 2022 which was efficiently organised by campus recreation and wellness (CReW). The event witnessed a huge participation from NTU Staff who participated with great enthusiasm, and really enjoyed the cricket tournament. The event was organised for the whole day, with first round having multiple games among the participating teams. At the end of the first round, the top two teams qualified for the finals of the tournament. The final of the tournament was played between the joint teams of SCSE/EEE/SBS and CEE/MSE/SPMS.  

The joint team of SCSE/EEE/SBS emerged victorious at the end, with valuable contributions from Dr Furqan Zahoor from SCSE both with the bat and the ball. Dr Furqan Zahoor, also collected the TAN AIK NA CHALLENGE SHIELD on behalf of the winners of the tournament at the recently held prize presentation ceremony on 20 March 2023. Congratulations to the winners! 

A group of people at the prize presentation.