SCSE Computing Challenge 2020

01 Dec 2019 - 19 Jan 2020 Alumni, Prospective Students, Public

General Information & Rules


The hackathon is open to students from all Junior Colleges (JC) in Singapore.
Here is the breakdown of rules of groupings:

  • Up to 2 Teams Per JC
  • Min 3, Max 5 students per team

Rules of participation*

  • Registering for the challenge is entirely free of charge and is open only to teams of 3-5 students.
  • Each team must be given a name as chosen by its members.
  • Teams should not change their members after the training workshop is completed.
  • The members of each team will undertake not to present projects that have previously been submitted to other initiatives or projects that have been presented at previous variations of Hackathons/Challenges.
  • In order to participate in the challenge, at least 3 members of team members MUST attend the workshop training in December and during the final challenge.
  • Failure to comply will the above will result in immediate team disqualification from the Computing Challenge.
  • Refer to the table below for attendance requirements.
  • Students are allowed to stay behind overnight on the campus at their own risk. They are required to inform their teachers in charge and SCSE staff in charge should they decide to do so.
  • SCSE will not take responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal belongings during this period.
  • Students are required to look after their after own safety, remain with their groups. *
  • Students are required to report in their schools tees for this event to be identified with their schools.

*There may be further changes to this to further improve the management of the challenge.

Team SizeMembers required to attend
5 Members3 Members
4 Members3 Members​
3 Members3 Members

Table 1: Workshop Attendance Rule 


Dates and Locations

Pre event Training and Actual Event
Pre Event Training Workshop
6 December 2019Training Workshop
9 am – 6pm
(subject to change)
Lecture Theatre 3 (LT3)
7 December 2019
18 January 2020Cloud Computing Challenge
9 AM – 9PM *
(subject to change)
The Arc, NTU
19 January 2020


The registration for SCSE Computing Challenge 2020 is officially closed.

T- Shirt

SCSE will be providing a t-shirt for each participant for this event. Please indicate your size in the form with reference to size chart provided in the form.

Workshop Preparations

AWS TRAINER PROFILE – 6 & 7 December 2019

Students will be required to prepare themselves prior to attending the workshop. They will need to watch the following videos (links) to familiarise some basic concepts.

Watch the following videos* before attending the training on 6 & 7 DEC.
*Creative Commons on YouTube

Introduction To SCSE Computing Challenge

Introduction to Computational Thinking , Git , CLI Video

Computational Thinking


CLI - Part 1/3

CLI - Part 2/3

CLI - Part 3/3

Introduction to HTML, CSS, JavaScript



* These modules may be subject to changes during upload and on actual day to meet the final workshop requirements

Updates & PDPA

All updates regarding the event will be sent via emails only in line with PDPA. Please ensure that you provide a valid email ID for communications.

There will be picture taking for publicity purposes during the workshops an​d events.

Any materials and information used or shared here are solely for event purpose. Any reproduction and reuse of materials is not allowed unless otherwise permitted.