SCSE E-Learning Week

Introduction - NTU eLearning Weeks

Today, eLearning is highly adopted by many universities as part of the learning and teaching environment in many universities globally. At NTU, it has been an integral part of the student learning experience, along in a blended learning environment which compliments professor-led face-to-face teaching since 2000.

To enhance staff and student adoption and eLearning experience, a series of school-based eLearning Weeks (eLWs) have been initiated in AY2006/7 Sem I. For the current semester, we will continue with the College-based eLWs that were initiated in the previous semester. The exercise aims to extend the involvement of academic staff and students. Accordingly, each College will implement its eLW respectively. For some of the larger Colleges, the eLWs might be conducted over different weeks.

Such eLW exercises will be held in future semesters to enable the University fine-tune its learning capabilities and procedures; this will enrich the core competencies of staff and students in the use of complementary technology for learning and teaching.

The schedule for these eLearning Weeks will be made available on NTULearn.

What You Need To Know

During these eLearning weeks, selected students from the relevant College Schools will use NTU’s NTULearn online eLearning platform rather than attend the usual face-to-face lectures. Recorded lectures will be made accessible online. For some students, this will also include online tutorials. Lab sessions will not be affected and students will carry on as normal. Students will access the online lectures and tutorials from home or on campus.

SCSE E-Learning Week

For SCSE, the eLearning Week is scheduled to be on Week 7 of semester.
During this week, students and staff would be learning, teaching and meeting online.

The details are as follows:  


Undergraduate lectures will be conducted online during the eLearning Week.


Undergraduate subjects will conduct tutorials online.
Other tutorial classes are conducted as usual.

Lab Classes

​All lab classes are conducted as per normal.