Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Single Degree

Computer Science is concerned with the efficient application of computer technology, through the design of software algorithms and data structures, design methodologies and language paradigms. The programme emphasises the practical design of efficient and reliable software to meet specifications. 

Computer Science shares some common topics with Computer Engineering, including computer networks, information storage and management. Both disciplines share fundamental principles as each recognises the constraints imposed by existing technology and applications. The differences are in the emphasis placed at the algorithmic and conceptual levels. Computer Science focuses more on software design and construction, and does not include subjects on circuits, basic electronics, or digital communications. 

The key difference between this Computer Science course and a Science degree is the focus on practice-oriented application of computer science foundations. This is evident in the mandatory industrial attachment, group innovation and design projects, and capstone projects in the final year, and several other mini-projects throughout the course. 


GCE ‘A’ Level
Pass in H2 Level Mathematics, and
Pass in H2 Level Biology/Chemistry/Computing/Physics

International Baccalaureate
Pass in HL Mathematics, and
Pass in HL Biology/Chemistry/Computer Science/Physics

NUS High School Diploma
Major CAP of 2.0 in Mathematics, and
Major CAP of 2.0 in Biology/Chemistry/Physics

International & Other Qualifications
Pass in Senior High School Level Mathematics, and
Pass in Senior High School Level Biology/Chemistry/Physics

Diploma Holders
Applicants should have a relevant diploma from one of the local polytechnics and those with a Certificate of Merit, Diploma with Merit or Diploma with Distinction may apply for any programme in NTU.

For the list of acceptable local diplomas and exempted courses,
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Polytechnic Exemptions

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Course Duration : 4 Years

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Our industry-ready graduates are equipped with a strong foundation in the disciplines of computer engineering and computer science. As a result, they are well-prepared to use their skills to harness technology and continually work towards making breakthroughs that enable people to communicate more seamlessly, manage their environments more effectively and lead more comfortable lives. No matter which industry they are in, graduates of SCSE are able to provide innovative solutions. 

SCSE (NTU) has consecutively produced top earning graduates since 2010. Our graduates have received huge boost with the Government’s Intelligent Nation Master Plan (iN2015). This initiative has led to a big demand across the Infocomm Industry and has further enhanced Singapore’s Economy and Growth in new areas such as Artificial Intelligence; Big Data Analytics; Cybersecurity; Cloud Computing; Game Innovation and many others. This has triggered an increase in demand for highly trained and proficient Information Technology (IT) graduates. Our undergraduates can hence look forward to fulfilling diversified careers ranging from Developers, Innovators and even becoming the new age Scientists or Technopreneurs.

A multitude of career choices that span across the Public and Private Sectors await our graduates. They can expect higher employment opportunities and salary upon graduation, following a marked increase in demand and the remuneration of IT professionals. SCSE’s graduates average salary of S$4,000 – S$4300* per month is higher than the average starting salary among NTU graduates, and our Double Degree (Business and Computing) students are the top earners amongst the NTU graduates with an average gross salary of S$4,500 per month*.

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