PhD Programme in Big Data Analytics

The Big Data Analytics thematic PhD programme focuses on Big Data Analytics for large-scale, complex and real-time data. PhD students under this programme will enable the advancement of fundamental research in data science to address the significant emerging challenges posed by the need for Scalable Data Analytics Techniques and Technologies, particularly focused on intersections with fields such as:

  • Data Management
  • Data Mining
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Parallel/Distributed Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile/Pervasive Computing

Each PhD student will be co-supervised by an SCSE faculty member and an I²R research scientist. Existing NTU processes for PhD student supervision, assessment and graduation will be used. The PhD research topic will be jointly identified and agreed upon by the SCSE and I²R supervisors, with the supervisor from SCSE carrying the responsibility for academic affairs.

The PhD candidate should fulfill all the coursework, research and other requirements as stipulated by NTU-SCSE for the award of the PhD degree that will be awarded by NTU.

Specifically, the candidate is expected to fulfill the following requirement.

  1. Complete 18 academic units (with at least two 7XXX series course);
  2. To pass a confirmation examination by the end of 18 months;
  3. To pursue an independent in-depth study of approved research topic, leading to a thesis ;
  4. To pass an oral examination on the subject matter of his/her thesis (thesis defense).

Application for admission is now open.
To apply for the PhD programme, you will need

  • A good Bachelor's degree with minimum 2nd class honours upper or Master's degree
  • A good GRE score taken within the past five years
  • A good TOEFL score taken within last 2 years (mandatory for candidates from non-English speaking countries)
  • Outstanding intellectual ability and motivation
  • Relevant research experience and publication records (preferred)

Besides academic performance, the admission committee will also consider your statement of objectives, research interest and letters of reference.

Graduate Admission Information

To apply, qualified applicants should submit two separate sets of applications for admission and scholarship as follows:

For admission application, indicate in your application that you are applying to the " PhD Programme in Big Data Analytics" offered by School of Computer Science and Engineering.

For scholarship applications, please also follow the instructions on the respective portal for hardcopy submission.