MiniMastersTM are programmes launched by NTU to provide an alternative learning pathway to support the endeavours of individuals to build their micro-credentials through Continuing Education and Training (CET).

Individual can, at their own pace and interest; apply for standalone CET modules offered by various Schools in NTU. Each of these modules will be of 1 Academic Unit (AU) weightage. Related modules can be stacked for a full qualification of a MiniMastersTM .

To ensure academic rigour and consistency, the system for computation of AUs towards a MiniMa​stersTM are as follows:
Certificate of Attendance of a module (1-3 AUs)
Graduate Certificate (9 AUs with GPA of 2.5 and above)
MiniMastersTM (15 AUs with GPA of 2.5 and above)

When the participant of this programme is ready to pursue a full degree programme at a later time, they may be allowed1 to transfer some of the AU credits earned from these MiniMastersTM modules for admission into a relevant full Masters by Coursework (MSc) programme.

Comparing between MiniMastersTM programme and Master programme:
a) MiniMasters TM – 15 AUs - No pre-requisites5
b) Full Master (MSc) – 30 AUs with entry requirement 2

With rapid developments in technology and major diversions in a universally accentuating economy, there is an urgent need for professionals in every industry to diversify as well as renew their skillsets at a radical rate; in order to be more versatile and prepared for the future.

If you are an aspiring fresh graduate, a seasoned industry professional or a professional requiring a career transition; this program will help to open up new opportunities, face new and different challenges as well as provide the avenue for a potential career switch.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) strives to develop new and hone existing skills; guiding professionals to grow their expertise in new specialised areas and to broaden their knowledge to face greater global issues while striving to bring added value to existing as well as new employers.

The SCSE MiniMastersTM courses are designed to help individuals who wish to acquire the knowledge and skills to boost their career prospects; and become savvier in technology applications and ethical practices. To understand and help societies in solving problems as well as better equipped them for the fast-paced advancements expected ahead.

Programmes that have commenced:

MiniMastersTM in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
MiniMastersTM in Artificial Intelligence and AI Ethics3
Certificate in AI Ethics and Governance4
Over the next few months, SCSE will be working on releasing more MiniMastersTM programmes which would be relevant to meet the growing demand in various sectors.

Please contact ​should you have any further application queries and funding related queries.

1 Subject to meeting minimum GPA required in the completed MiniMastersTM
2 For example, a basic UG degree in relevant programme, or in this case; students who have achieved certain minimum GPA in the related MiniMastersTM programme
3 A collaboration with Singapore Computer Society (SCS)
4The Modules from this certification can be credited towards MiniMastersTM in Artificial Intelligence and AI Ethics​
5 No pre-requisites are needed to enroll in the individual modules, however participants without qualifications or working experience in relevant engineering or the related fields, may find the course contents challenging.