FAQs & Useful Information

The Safety Committee strives to cultivate and promote workplace safety through the designing of safety measures, controls, procedures and systems. To enable the Committee to achieve its objectives, we welcome suggestions and feedback on how workplace safety can be further improved at your labs/ centres as well as within the school.

Should you wish to provide us any feedback/suggestions or want to discuss any safety issues that are of concern to you, please email your comments to the Chairman of SCSE Work Safety Committee.We will take up your views/suggestions for evaluation and to incorporate them into safety procedures, if applicable.

1. What should I do when I encounter/spot a potential hazard?
For urgent attention, contact Chairman, SCSE Safety Committee at 6790 6723. Alternatively, you may submit the details at the Hazard Reporting Form.

2. How do I differentiate between a genuine and false emergency alarm?

The alarm will sound for as long as 3 minutes in the event of a genuine emergency. This will be followed by an evacuation announcement on the PA system. However, if the alarm is being activated intermittently with no announcement made on the PA system, it will be deemed as a false alarm. Whenever in doubt, please check with the fire warden of your section.

3. What should I do in the event of a fire emergency?

  • Do not panic
  • Get everyone in your lab/ centre out immediately and alert the fire warden of your section
  • Proceed to assembly area via the nearest exit. Do not use the lift
  • Acknowledge your attendance when roll call is being taken
  • Do not re-enter the building until all-clear instruction given by SCD
Location of Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in SCSE 

4. Who is the fire warden in charge of my section?

Click here for a list of fire wardens in SCSE Block NS4.

5. How do I operate a fire extinguisher?

Simply remember the P.A.S.S. procedures:

  • Pull out the safety pin
  • Aim nozzle at the base of fire (ensure that you are about 2 meters away from the fire)
  • Squeeze the lever of the fire extinguisher, release to stop
  • Sweep the fire extinguisher from side to side

6. What information do I need when reporting an emergency?

Get ready to provide information on location and nature of the emergency (i.e. person(s) involved, injuries, etc).

7. What information do I need when I call for an ambulance?

Information on location and condition of the casualty are required when calling for an ambulance.

8. I have some suggestions that may help improve work safety in SCSE.
Who can I convey my suggestions to?

The SCSE Safety Committee welcomes suggestions and feedback on how workplace safety can be further improved at your labs/ centres as well as within the school. You are encouraged to email your suggestion/feedback to the Chairman of the Safety Committee.​​​