Emergency Procedures

For SCSE Staff and Students

Fire Wardens Duties

On hearing the first alarm
  • Put on emergency identification, collect whistle and flashlight.
  • Check the floor fire alarm sub-panel or main alarm panel to ascertain the location of the fire.
  • If alarm is activated on your floor – (during the 3 minutes pre-alarm ringing) :
      i. Check location for fire or sprinkler being discharged.
      ii. Try to put out the fire (only if it is safe to do so).
      iii. If you cannot put out the fire:
      1. Immediately evacuate the occupants on your floor. Do not wait for second alarm stage.
      2. Notify NTU – Emergency number 6790 5200.
      3. State: "Emergency! Your name, contact number, building and location". Alternatively, you may activate call point in the same area to confirm emergency if you cannot reach a phone.
      4. Leave for the FAA. Display “No-Entry Signage” on all exit doors.
      iv. If school/department has a FFT, the FWs may leave the firefighting duties to the FFT and instead start the evacuation procedure.
      v. If the fire is contained, notify NTU - Emergency number 6790 5200.
  • If the alarm is not activated on your floor, return to your workplace to wait for further announcement or notification.
On hearing the second alarm – (continuous ringing):
  • Ensure occupants evacuate using the nearest emergency exits.
  • Check all rooms on your level, including toilets and pantry. (Note: If rooms are locked, knock thrice on the door and alert the occupants by shouting “Fire”).
  • When all occupants on the floor have evacuated, put up the “No-Entry Signage” on each of the exits to ensure no re-entry. Doors to remain unlocked for escape and entry by firemen.
  • Leave building for the FAA.
  • Report status to ECs.
FAA - Fire Assembly Area
FFT - Fire Fighting Team
ECs - Emergency Coordinator

Above information is extracted from "Standard Operating Procedure on Emergency Evacuation in NTU" by NTU OHS (NTU/OHS/SOP/06.4) dated 6 May 2016.