SCSE Safety

SCSE Safety Committee

SCSE Safety Committee adopts workplace safety guidelines as stipulated by NTU Office of Health, Safety & Emergency (OHSE) and the Singapore Safety Management Framework (SS506) and proactively manages work related risks to prevent incidents. The committee strives to work closely with academic, administrative and research departments to implement the University policy, directives and standard operating procedures, through continuous learning of safety knowledge and safety management.

In compliance with Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act, the primary role of the Fire and Safety Committee is to proactively manage workplace safety and health and to cultivate good safety habits. The vision of the Fire and Safety Committee is encapsulated in the terms stated here:

Terms of Reference of the Safety Committee

  • Take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and health of employees and any contractor or persons engaged at work.
  • Foster and promote safety through the designing of safety measures and procedures
  • Ensure good fire safety practices are in place to prevent fire incidents
  • Coordinate and organize promotional activities on general safety awareness and education
  • Assist to identify hazards, recommend preventive measures and to conduct reviews on existing safety and emergency procedures
  • Assist Office of Health, Safety & Emergency (OHSE) for related safety matters

Towards fulfilling its terms of reference, the Fire and Safety Committee will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that:

  • Risks to safety and health throughout its undertakings are properly assessed
  • Safe systems of work in place
  • Staff and students alike are given adequate supervision, information, instruction and training in order to carry out their work and studies safely

Likewise, staff and students have the responsibility to take reasonable care for their own safety and that of visitors who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

Duty of persons at work:

  • To use any suitable things provided to secure his safety.
  • To follow the safe working procedures and principles implemented at the workplace.
  • Do not engage in unsafe/ negligent act
Staff and student co-operation and commitment are essential to ensure a successful implementation of the safety and health systems, controls and procedures.

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