SCBE Safety

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. All staff and students are expected to conduct their work and laboratory-based activities safely to ensure a safe workplace to study or work in.

This website shall provide an outline on safety requirements that must be adhered to while making use of facilities in SCBE laboratories. It shall also enable everyone in the school and our visitors to have a shared understanding of how occupational safety and health is managed within the school:

  • Overview
  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Manual
  • Risk Assessment
  • Permit and Licensing
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Objectives and programs.

Roles and responsibilities
The President of NTU has the overall responsibility for the health and safety of the personnel in the campus and shall ensure the effective implementation of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system in the University. The President shall delegate the day-to-day implementation of the HSE Management System to the Deans, Chairs, Directors and Heads of Departments.

The Office of Health and Safety advises, assists and supports the University at their various levels to meet the legal requirements.

Supervisor, PI and Manager have responsibility to ensure the safety of persons under their supervision (staff, students and contractors). They shall ensure that proper risk assessment is carried out and that practical measures are in place to control the risks. It also includes the implementation of NTU HSE policy, objectives, operating procedures, proper maintenance of equipment and facilities, and effective communication (including training and supervision) of all parties.

Employee and student should cooperate with the management in adhering to HSE instructions, especially in following safe operating procedures and training, for their own safety and health and that of your colleagues or fellow students. Staff and students shall report unsafe conditions/equipment or practices to supervisors for remedial actions.

The school safety committee shall oversee the safety management system for the School, review the safety performance, conduct safety inspection, investigate accidents and incidents, implement emergency response, promote safety activities and propose measures to improve the workplace safety.

For Safety related matters, please contact Mr Kwek Xin Hui, Joe ( for details.


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