Awarded Grants

Selected research projects from 2017-2020 (external) 

Project TitleFunding AgencyPrincipal Investigator
Engineering Scaffold-Mediated Neural Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury TreatmentNRF Intra CREATE ThematicAssoc Prof Chew Sing Yian
Towards Carbon-Neutral Plastic Bio-UpcyclingNRF-CRPAssoc Prof Lim Sierin 
Mechanobiology of podosomes: effects of mechanical stresses and substrate topographyNRF-Israel Science FoundationAsst Prof Zhao Wenting
Understanding the interactions between plant-based protein and cellular agricultureA*STAR NZ-SG Future FoodProf Chen Wei Ning William 
Understanding and mitigating membrane fouling to exploit the benefits of membrane-based filtration for the separation of biocatalysts in the manufacturing of small-molecule APIA*PIPS

Assoc Prof Chew Jia Wei

Development of high-throughput membrane technology for the purification of chiral active pharmaceutical ingredients A*STAR AME-IRGAssoc Prof Chew Jia Wei
Engineering Single-Atom Catalysts for Wastewater Treatment via Fenton-like ReactionA*STAR AME-IRGAssoc Prof Liu Bin
Capsule Surface Affinities (Complete Life-Cycle)A*STAR (IAF-PP)Asst Prof Dang Thuy Tram
Mastering Catalyst Dynamics to Create Active Site Motifs for Synthesizing Green FuelsAcRF Tier 1 (seed) 
Asst Prof Tej S. Choksi
Establishing a stroke model & regenerative treatment approachAcRF Tier 1Assoc Prof Chew Sing Yian
Advanced lithiophilic hollow nanostructures for high-performance lithium metal anodesAcRF Tier 1Prof Lou Xiong Wen David
Constructing High-Loading Single-Atom/Cluster Catalysts via ElectrochemistryAcRF Tier 1Assoc Prof Liu Bin
Dynamic hyperuniform materialsAcRF Tier 2
Asst Prof Ni Ran
Engineering electrochemical CO2 reduction to fuels over hollow nano-materialsAcRF Tier 2Prof Lou Xiong Wen David
Self-administered Micro-implants for Localized Fat Burning
AcRF Tier 2Prof Prof Chen Peng
Continuous Downstream Purification Platform for High-Value BiopharmaceuticalsAcRF Tier 2Assoc Prof Chew Jia Wei
Amorphous vs. Crystalline Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution ReactionAcRF Tier 2
Assoc Prof Liu Bin
Biodegradable cationic polymer as the gene delivery carrierWelgene IncProf Chan Bee Eng Mary
Three-Dimensional Imaging in Ex Vivo Skin and Non-Invasive Skin Imaging: Novel Clinical Applications in Skin Cancers and Hydrohidrotic Sweat Disorders National Skin CentreProf Leopold Schmetterer
Separation of chitin and chitosan from insect exoskeleton by fermentation and design of modular bio-reactor
Feedwerkz Pte LtdProf Chen Wei Ning William 
Alterpacks Biodegradable Composite MaterialAlterpacks Pte LtdProf Chen Wei Ning William 
Project TitleFunding AgencyPrincipal Investigator
Large-scale and Low-cost Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots from Small Polyaromatic Molecules and Applications Thereof
Prof Prof Chen Peng

Advanced Manufacturing of wearable microneedle skin patch platforms with 3D printing for transdermal drug deliveryA*STAR AME-IRGAsst Prof Song Juha
Additive Manufacturing for Biological Materials (AMBM) - Materials & Bio-additivesA*STAR SERCProf Prof Teoh Swee Hin/ Assoc Prof Pu Kanyi
Smart polymeric dressing for inflammation-triggered drug delivery in chronic woundsA*STAR IAF-PP (HBMS domain) Asst Prof Dang Thuy Tram
Investigation on the tuneable optical properties of reformatted bacterial celluloseAOARDAssoc Prof Lim Sierin 
Protein Nanocage for Delivery of Active Ingredients: Design and Formulation of PrototypeSMART Innovation GrantAssoc Prof Lim Sierin 
Ultrasound-mediated implantation of Sirolimus-loaded particles into peripheral arteries to prevent restenosis post angioplastySMART Ignition GrantAssoc Prof Manojit Pramanik 
Oxygen defects and metal dispersion on flame-made metal oxidesExxonmobil SgEC MDRPProf Xu Rong
Seawater (Photo)-Electrolysis for Renewable Hydrogen ProductionExxonmobil SgEC Core projectAssoc Prof Liu Bin
Microalgae as Alternative Protein Source
Sophie's Kitchen
Prof Chen Wei Ning William 
Targeting bacterial membrane biology with novel main chain cationic polymers AcRF Tier 3Prof Chan Bee Eng Mary
Remote-controlled Photo-therapy with Small-Scale Wireless BioelectronicsAcRF Tier 2 (sub-project) Assoc Prof Tan Thatt Yang Timothy
Inulin Colonic Digestion: Key Fermenting Microorganisms, Microbial Interactions, and Metabolic OutputAcRF Tier 1Asst Prof Chen Ming-Hsu
Establishing neural cell membrane-coated particles for enhanced drug/gene delivery in the nervous systemAcRF Tier 1Assoc Prof Chew Sing Yian
Towards field malaria diagnosis based on surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy in a low-cost fluidic chipAcRF Tier 1Assoc Prof Liu Quan
Sounding out Bacteria - Understanding the bioeffects of therapeutic ultrasound on medical biofilms
AcRF Tier 1Assoc Prof Manojit Pramanik 
Development of near-infrared fluorescence activatable probes for early diagnosis of bladder cancerAcRF Tier 1Assoc Prof Pu Kanyi
Radio frequency encoding ultrafast optical spectrometer and its demonstration in flow cytometryAcRF Tier 1Assoc Prof Liu Quan
Molecular Afterglow Imaging for Ultrasensitive Detection of Lymphatic MetastasisAcRF Tier 2Assoc Prof Pu Kanyi
Rapid Microfluidic Detection of Drug-Resistant Bacteria via Metabolic Labeling
AcRF Tier 2Prof Duan Hongwei
Project TitleFunding AgencyPrincipal Investigator
Decellularized fish skin as wound dressing to stimulate wound healing
Prof Teoh Swee Hin
Antibacterial and Biofunctional Wound DressingA*STAR IAF-PP (HBMS Domain)Prof Chan Bee Eng Mary
Depth profiling of Raman fingerprints to determine the state of wound healing
A*STAR IAF-PP (HBMS Domain)Assoc Prof Liu Quan
Investigating the critical role of RNA editing during Xenopus development
NRF-Israel Science Foundation
Asst Prof Tan Meng How
F&N-NTU F&B Innovations LabF&NProf Chen Wei Ning William
Controlled Delivery of Antibiotics by Metal-Organic Frameworks for Synergistic Antimicrobial Activities
AcRF Tier 1
Prof Duan Hongwei
Designing a vascularized macrodevice for encapsulation of cellular therapeutics in diabetes treatment
AcRF Tier 1
Asst Prof Dang Thuy Tram
Green extraction of natural carotenoids from algae and yeast using supercritical carbon dioxide for food additives application
AcRF Tier 1
Prof Chen Wei Ning William 
Tuning Adsorption for Oxygenated Intermediates via Strain Control towards Highly Efficient Oxygen Electrocatalysis
AcRF Tier 1
Assoc Prof Liu Bin
Highly efficient single-atom catalysts for electro/photocatalytic reactions
AcRF Tier 1
Prof Lou Xiong Wen David
Improving microbubble-assisted sonothrombolysis efficiency and its real-time monitoring using combined ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging
AcRF Tier 1
Assoc Prof Manojit Pramanik
A Novel Platform to Probe Cancer Malignancy via Mechanobiology: Targeting the Hardest Part Inside a Cancer Cell at Nanoscale
AcRF Tier 1
Asst Prof Zhao Wenting
Hypothesis-driven Synthesis of Capacity-Enhanced Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion
AcRF Tier 1
Asst Prof Liu Wen Paul
0D Graphene Nanosheets as Highly Efficient and Recycable Catalysts
AcRF Tier 2Prof Chen Peng
Hollow micro/nanostructured semiconductor materials for CO2 photoreduction
AcRF Tier 2Prof Lou Xiong Wen David
High throughput label-free flow cytometry based on multiplex Raman spectroscopyAcRF Tier 2Assoc Prof Liu Quan

Project TitleFunding AgencyPrincipal Investigator
Sustainable Antimicrobial Polymer Technology for Application in Consumer Products
Prof Chan Bee Eng Mary
Acne and Sebaceous Gland Program in SRIS@NovenaIAF-PP (HBMS Domain)
Assoc Prof Liu Quan
Hierarchical assembly of colloidal super crystalsA*STAR AME YIRGAsst Prof Ni Ran
Novel Dual Responsive Molecular Switch-based Bio-derived and Biodegradable Polymers Forming Gels or Networks for Personal Care ApplicationsA*STAR IAF-PP (AME Domain)Assoc Prof Manojit Pramanik
Biodegradeable and Responsive Systems by Free Radical Polymerization and Encapsulation for Care Chemical ApplicationsA*STAR IAF-PP (AME Domain)Asst Prof Dang Thuy Tram
Antimicrobial polymeric nanoparticles with good efficacy in a complex environmentA*STAR IAF-PP (AME Domain)
Prof Chan Bee Eng Mary
P2biotics for Healthy Living Zhong Feng International DevelopmentProf Chen Wei Ning William
Dynamic Magnetic Nanomixers for Improved Microarray Assays by Eliminating Diffusion Limitation
SMART innovation Grant Prof Duan Hongwei
Improving the efficiency of CRISPR-Cas technologies for therapeutic applications
AcRF Tier 1Asst Prof Tan Meng How
Development of Biothiol-responsive Optical Nanoprobes for In Vivo Evaluation of Drug ToxicityAcRF Tier 1
Assoc Prof Pu Kanyi
Atomic Layer Deposition: Synthesis and Stabilization of Supported CatalystsAcRF Tier 2Assoc Prof Liu Bin
Engineering bone grafts in a novel dynamic electromagnetic bioreactor
AcRF Tier 2
Prof Teoh Swee Hin
Development of Versatile, Optimized Membrane Cascades for the Continuous Purification of Nanoparticulate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (NP-API)
GSK-EDB Trust Fund
Assoc Prof Chew Jia Wei

Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessments of API Solid Dosage Form Manufacturing Aimed towards the Development of Green Pharmaceutical Excipient Selection GuideGSK-EDB Trust FundAssoc Prof Kunn Hadinoto Ong

Carbon-based molecular sieving membranes for sustainable manufacturing in pharmaceutical industries
GSK-EDB Trust FundAssoc Prof Lee Jong-Min