A warm welcome to all SCBE Alumni!

Established on 8 October 2010, NTU School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Alumni Association (SCBEAA) was formed with the aim of supporting our alumni through their post-graduation journey. The Association also serves as the bridge between the alumni and the school, as well as the platform that keeps our alumni connected to one another. Currently, our Association stands at 4,000 members strong. 

Over the years, we have organised events such as movie screenings, Halloween Party, barbeque sessions, durian buffets and more! Each event has been well-received by our faculty and alumni. Moving into a post-Covid environment, we will be transiting and increasing our presence and engagement on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well!

Our work is only made meaningful by your support. We look forward to seeing you in our future activities! Get yourself the latest update of SCBEAA when you follow us on our social media today!

Graduation 2019