Student Lockers


1. All lockers compartments within N1.2 and N1.3 are the property of Nanyang Technological University (NTU). These locker compartments are managed by School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) and SCBE reserves the right to alter the policies governing the use of locker compartments.

2. By using the locker compartment, user agree to abide by the rules set forth by SCBE outlined below.

3. The locker compartment is open to all matriculated full-time undergraduates of SCBE. Any locker compartment in use by any other group would be deemed to be an unauthorized use and SCBE reserves the right to have recourse to the action stated in Clause 13 hereof.

4. From Academic Year 2020/21, SCBE undergraduates will enjoy complimentary use of the locker compartments.

5. Students are allowed to use only 1 locker compartment at any time and need to use their own padlock for the locker compartment.

6. Students can only use the locker compartments during the semester (teaching week 1 to 13). The period of use for AY2021 is as follow:

Semester 1
Start date: 11 August 2020
End date: 13 November 2020

Semester 2
Start date: 11 January 2021
End date: 16 April 2021

7. SCBE reserves the right to change the period stated in Clause 6. Student shall unlock the locker compartment and remove all items in the compartment before end date or upon notification by SCBE, whichever is the earlier. Failing which SCBE shall proceed to repossess the compartment and remove all items in the compartment on the student's behalf and shall not be held liable for any loss or damage of any nature of or to any of the items. SCBE shall have the sole discretion on the disposal of these items.

8. SCBE reserves the right to open a locker compartment with or without the consent of the user in instances where locker rules are being abused or in the case of an emergency.

9. Student shall allow SCBE to conduct any repair or maintenance work on the locker compartment as and when SCBE deems to be necessary. Student must within 3 days of the receipt of notice unlock the compartment and remove all items from the compartment for the period stipulated in the notice.

10. Student shall inform SCBE immediately when the locker compartment needs repair. Student shall not attempt to repair the compartment himself or herself or permit any person other than whomever SCBE has authorized to carry out the repair.

11. Student shall not place or affix any stickers, posters, notices, or the like on any part of the locker compartment. He or she shall not in any way deface or vandalize the compartment. Student shall exercise due care in the use of the locker compartment. The cost of repair for any damage to the compartment due to mischief or negligence on the part of the hirer shall be borne fully by the student.

12. All personal items must be stored completely within a locker. All items left outside of a locker compartment, whether secured or not, will be removed and disposed of accordingly.

13. In the event of an unauthorized use of a locker compartment or any act or omission by any student violating any of the rules hereof, SCBE reserves the right to determine any cost as well as to impose on and recover from the unauthorized user or the student any quantum of compensation that will commensurate with the severity of the said act or omission. SCBE also reserves the right to impose a fine of S$100.00 on the unauthorized user or the student. In the case of the unauthorized use of a locker compartment, no due notice to the unauthorized user shall be given, and SCBE shall proceed with the repossession and disposal mentioned hereof without being held liable likewise.

14. Any notice given by SCBE to a student shall be deemed to be properly served if it is emailed to the student’s NTU email address or if a hard copy of it is deposited in the locker compartment or pasted around the locker compartment.