Accelerated Bachelor Programme

The Accelerated Bachelor Programme (ABP) is a programme offered to students strictly by invitation. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to finish their programme requirements in 3.5 years (i.e. one semester earlier than their normal candidature)

Students enrolled in the Accelerated Bachelor’s Programme must maintain a minimum CGPA of 4.00 in order to remain in the programme.

Students will be dropped from the Accelerated Bachelor's Programme if:

  1. They do not follow the ABP curriculum; or
  2. They do not meet the minimum CGPA of 4.00

There will be no penalty imposed at any point of time should you wish to withdraw from the ABP. Similarly, there will not be any other penalty should you be dropped from the ABP for failing to maintain the minimum CGPA required or for deviating from the ABP curriculum.