Areas of Research

Areas of Research from Nanyang Technological University

There are many areas of research in NTU in the various fields of Food Science and Technology.

Applicants are encouraged to explore their research interests and identify a research topic that matches with the intended area of research from Wageningen University as shown below. You are also required to look for a supervisor in NTU which correspond to your area of research in order to embark on your PhD program.

Areas of Research from Wageningen University

Areas Of Research​​

​WUR Supervisor (Students Enrolled In WUR) And Co-Supervisor (Students Enrolled In NTU)
​Food Processing Engineering​Professors Remko BoomKarin Schroen and Albert van der Padt
​Food Chemistry​Professors Henk Schols
​Food Hygiene and Microbiology​Professor Marcel ZwieteringEddy Smid and Tjakko Abee
​Food Physics​​​Professor Erik van der Linden
​Food Quality and Design​Professor Vincenzo Fogliano

​Professor Ivonne Rietjens