Student Testimonials 

Hear what FST students have to say about their experience!

Looking back the 3 years of FST experience in university, I know that it's filled with bittersweet moments. Why bitter? Because I had to juggle more modules than my typical coursemates in SBS, given challenging assignments which required extra efforts and consistency, and also planning in various aspects. And why sweet? Because I found joy in learning new concepts beyond my biology major, meeting like-minded people who became some of my closest friends, and listened to great speakers and leaders of the food industry all around the world. I guess we all need that little dose of bitter flavour to make us appreciate the sweetness in life. To that, thank you FST!

Ngan Felicia Devina, Class of 2019
Specialising in Biological Sciences (SPMS)

The practical and theoretical aspects of the programme has substantially enriched my learning journey, and left me with a deeper understanding of the food industry. Ample out-of-classroom learning opportunities, such as factory visits have also been largely insightful.

Muhammad Hilmi Bin Rahman, Class of 2019
Specialising in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (SPMS)

The 2nd major in Food Science and Technology provided us students with much insight and exposure into the food scene beyond Singapore with its partnership with Wageningen University and Research. Students not only get to interact with professors with profound knowledge in the scene, but also network with industrial partners through various lecture series and industry visits organised by the Programme. It was a wonderful and enriching experience to be able to bond with like-minded individuals passionate about the food industry from various different backgrounds, while embarking on this journey together!

Seah Xin Yun, Class of 2019
Specialising in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (SPMS)


The lab sessions were highly enriching. We had the opportunity to make apple jams, potato fries and simulate part of the beer brewing process in the Food Chemistry lab. It allowed us to explore different storage conditions to achieve optimal shelf lives of certain food products and to better understand the reactions which could possibly occur. Testing of common food products like raw chicken, milk, fruit juices for microbes were conducted in the Microbiology lab. It provided us with more knowledge about the various techniques available for identifying harmful pathogens. In the lab sessions, we were able to put the theory learnt to practical use. This course provides a good exposure as we are being challenged to use our analytical and critical thinking skills. The teaching staff are also friendly and eager to help, creating a wonderful learning environment.

Tan Miao Zhen, Class of 2018
Specialising in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (SPMS)

I think that FST has brought out a more different aspect of chemical engineering. In chemical engineering, the 'food' part is seldom mentioned whereas oil or pharmaceutical is commonly heard. Through FST, I had the opportunity to venture more into the field of food science and technology. The modules that I took further cultivated my interest in this field. I look forward to the exciting things I will learn in FST.

Cheryl Lim, Class of 2018
Specialising in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (SCBE)


Being in FST has thus far been a very enriching and rewarding experience and I do not regret a single bit! The complexity of food networks and the constant need for innovation requires a very flexible and multidisciplinary workforce, often involving people from varied backgrounds. The FST programme has provided us opportunities to learn from multiple disciplines, take part in internships from relevant companies in the food industry and also equipped us with practical skills that are applicable in industries. Not only that, making new friends who share similar passion relating to food has made learning in FST much more fun!

The well-structured and challenging curriculum has truly broadened my knowledge and further cultivated my passion in this field. Having a second major in FST would no doubt give an extra edge to an individual upon graduation.

Chou Hui Wen Verene, Class of 2018
Specialising in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (SPMS)


It is awesome to be in the FST. In FST, I have the opportunities to know more about ‘what I eat’, ‘how they are processed’ and ‘how can I design the process’ which are interesting and applicable in the daily life. Moreover, the fun doesn’t just end in the classroom. There are various events organised by FST such as farm visit trip where I got a great experience to learn and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Liu Yaxin, Class of 2018
Specialising in Biological Sciences (SBS)


Why bread becomes soft during baking?
What kind of pathogen causes stomach cramps?
How does counter-current evaporator result in fouling?
Not about running food court
Not about going for food-hunting
It’s about learning to be a food scientist or engineer
It’s about production, storage and transportation techniques
It’s about keeping in touch with leading-edge food technology
It’s about a brand-new exploration journey with new friends
2015-2018, I’m here, FST.

Ma Yunqiao, Class of 2018
Specialising in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (SCBE)

My experience in FST was probably the most rewarding chapter of my entire university life. It's not just an ordinary second major program where one simply takes modules to fulfil the additional AUs required. Throughout this program, FST has provided me more than just knowledge of the food industry, but also the opportunity to develop my scientific, research, communication and networking aptitudes through its comprehensive coursework, insightful industrials talks and company visits. The enriching end-of-semester laboratory sessions and two-weeks attachment at Wageningen University were definitely one of the many memorable experiences which I will hold dearly to even after graduation. Of course, all these will not be possible if not for the well-structuredcurriculum and the amazing professors in Wageningen University. The professors possess the passion for teaching and together with their expertises in the food industry made my learning even more fun and enjoyable. These experiences reaffirmed my interest for a career in food science and I am truly thankful for everything that this program had done for me. 

Neo Chun Kai, Class of 2017
Specialising in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (SCBE)


My experience of Food Science and Technology second major programme is awesome. The classes are conducted in an interactive manner, and the teaching faculties are extremely friendly in answering to our queries. Furthermore, the coursework is very relatable to our daily lives and it allows me to apply the theories learnt in school to solve practical problems. The study trip to Netherlands is one of the highlights of the programme. The laboratory classes are very different from what we used to have and we had a lot of fun during the process. Besides the coursework, there are many fun-filled activities to attend, and I have made long lasting friendships. Enrolling in this programme is a challenging yet rewarding experience for me. The learning curve is steep but it is definitely worth the time and effort spent.

Sun Yiyang, Class of 2017
Specialising in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (SCBE)


I thoroughly enjoyed the FST programme. The exposure and experience that came with it made all the effort worthwhile–fun lab sessions, insightful lecture series, and an exchange opportunity to the Netherlands are just a few of the many perks. Most notably, the programme has revealed to me a new dimension to the seemingly mundane in our everyday life. The science behind that delightful scoop of ice-cream continues to intrigue me, and I can’t pass a runny egg without mentioning Salmonella, or get a sip of wine without Marangoni crossing my mind. 

Wondering if the FST programme is for you? If you're curious about food and hungry for a challenge, join us.

Lim Enyi, Class of 2017
Specialising in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (SCBE)


As the first batch student of FST programme, I really like the new way of learning, online lectures and Live Question Hour every week. I feel that online learning is more efficient as we can learn the course materials at our own pace and we can submit our questions online before the tutorial to get it conducted more efficiently. The practical sessions at the end of each semester also equip us with essential skills and hands-on experiences that are necessary to later enter food industry.


Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities and activities organized by FST for the students to get a closer look at food industry and even get connected to high-profile experts in the industry. For example, the summer trip to Wageningen, the Netherlands, was one of my best memories at college because it was an eye opening experience. During the lab courses at Wageningen University and factory visit to different companies, we learned how teaching is conducted in the WU side and also got to know how large food companies operate. Therefore, I would highly recommend FST programme to those who are keen to develop their knowledge in food science and also want to have an overseas exposure.  

Liu Zhehui, Class of 2017
Specialising in Biological Sciences (SBS)


The Overseas Trip to Wageningen University was a very enriching experience! We finally met our lecturers face-to-face after 2 years of online teaching. They are very friendly and willing to help us to adapt to the new environment. The industry visits were rewarding and unforgettable experience. We saw the food production processes, some amazing equipment and tools, and also the working environment there. It gave us insight on how our knowledge in class is applied in real-life food production. It was definitely one in a lifetime experience!

Auginia Natalia, Class of 2017
Specialising in Biological Sciences (SBS)


I personally find my experience in FST very "YOLO" (You-Only-Live-Once). FST provides me with lifetime experiences which I do not think that I could have been through the same anywhere else. I had the rare opportunity to make so many friends from other courses while studying a subject that I love. The course might be challenging. and yet being able to go through thick and thin together with friends had made it less painful. In fact I feel I had a lot of fun in FST , on top of the many opportunities given such as, to study under professors from the overseas university through live-interactive sessions, travel to Wageningen University in Netherlands for the two-weeks attachments and finally be able to make new friends from there. All these concluded with the huge amount of knowledges and laboratory skills learnt at the end of the programme made me feel ever grateful to be able to take up this major.

Cai Mimi, Class of 2017
Specialising in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (SPMS)


This joint collaboration between Wageningen University and NTU has allowed me to experience a truly different learning environment. I find the various hands-on laboratory sessions very enriching. The multi-disciplinary and self-directed nature of this course has trained me not only to think out-of-the-box but also to be inquisitive about phenomena in food that we encounter daily.

Tan Cavin, Class of 2017
Specialising in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (SPMS)


Throughout the 3 years study program in Food Science and Technology, I'm glad to continue learning the knowledge in what I'm interested. I feel so lucky that the program was started in the right time allowed me to sign up. This is a great opportunity to experience the different teaching culture from Singapore.

Of course, besides the studying, I have met a bunch of good friends who experienced this together, which is much more precious and memorable in the university life.

Pang Shi Ning, Class of 2017
Specialising in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry (SPMS)