Information on Overseas Exchange

FST students should take note of the information below before considering on Overseas Exchange

Wageningen University and Research (WU) is agreeable to FST students' overseas exchange plan. However, this would imply that FST students who have decided to do so would complete the Second Major in FST in three years, instead of the initially planned two years;

FST Progamme Office has been informed by OAS that students who undertake overseas exchange, and/or local Industrial Attachment (IA)/Industrial Orientation (IO) are not allowed to register for any courses in that Semester. These courses include the WU core courses and NTU prescribed elective courses;

For FST students who plan to go for overseas exchange, the workable possibility would be in Year 3, Semester 1 (Y3/S1). These students will not take CH9203 - Food Process Engineering offered in Y3/S1. They can take this course (CH9203) in Year 4, Semester 1 (Y4/S1);

Please take note of the complications arising from overseas exchange in Year 2, Semester 2 (Y2/S2). These students will not take CH9200 – Food Microbiology. However, they would not be able to take CH9200 in Year 3, Semester 2 (Y3/S2). This is because both CH9200 and CH9202 – Food Physics have laboratory sessions which take place at the same time (in May). In addition, CH9204 - Quality Systems Operations will be offered in Y3/S2; 

The FST Programme is under a collaborative agreement between NTU and WU. As such, students are not allowed to swap any of the five WU core courses while undertaking their overseas exchange. This restriction does not apply to our NTU prescribed courses;

Before accepting the offer for student exchange, we would advise students to assess and plan wisely your Year 4 curriculum to avoid overloading.  Please note that individual Schools may also have their compulsory Final Year Project (FYP) and Industrial Internship in Year 4.