Proteomics Laboratory for Translational Research

My group is focused on developing omics technologies to address intractable biomedical research problems that cannot be resolved using conventional methods, aiming to generate innovative data that can directly improve human health and medical practice. Our efforts are centered around the study of age-related diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke/dementia and diabetes, which together account for > 60% of deaths each year. Although these diseases include multiple sub-pathologies with distinct etiologies, they are characterized by a period/s of low-oxygen stress (ischemia or hypoxia) that critically influence disease progression. We therefore seek to determine how cells and tissues respond to low-oxygen stress and aging of variable duration using a variety of cell lines, animal models and patient samples. This novel strategy has enabled us to build a highly successful biomedical research program that has uncovered biomarkers and therapeutic targets in a wide range of disorders.

Newman Siu Kwan SzeLEAD PI
Sze Siu Kwan

Associate Professor
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Phone:(65) 6514 1006
Office: SBS-03N-37
Arada Vinaiphat
Research Fellow

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Ng Ser Sue
Research Fellow

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Ngan So Fong Cam
Project Officer (PT)

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Ken Liou Cheng Kang
Research Assistant

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Lee Sian Teck Benjamin
PhD Student

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Nikhil Gupta
PhD Student

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Tan Chee Fan
Graduate Student

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  • Age damaged proteins gain integrin-binding function to promote atherosclerosis and thrombosis in CVD - translating to clinical applications
  • in vivo study diabetic vascular complications using DISDIVO method in inducible T2DM rodent models
  • Defining how brain tissue-derived exosomes promote experimental and human dementia
  • Preclinical development of a cancer immunotherapy targeting tumour exosomes/EVs
  • Study Early Asymptomatic Molecular Pathology Of Neurodegeneration In Dementia: Proteomic Identification Of Priority Drug Targets
Full list of publications can be fo​und here
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