Cry-EM and Single Particle Reconstruction

We are interested in determining 3D structures of macromolecular protein complexes to understand their function and mechanism. We employ Cryo-Electron Microscopy with single particle reconstruction as our main tool for structural determination. Our laboratory is equipped with advanced Electron Microscopes and high-speed computing clusters for routine single particle reconstruction work. We are mainly interested in the following research areas:
  1. Protein translocation across cellular membranes
  2. Organellar ribosomes
  3. Protein secretion
  4. ​Drug discovery and multidrug resistance in Mycobacteria


Shashi BhushanLEAD PI
Shashi Bhushan
Associate Professor

Phone: (65) 6592 3673
Office: SBS-02N-01
Ambuj Kumar Kushwaha
Research Fellow

Jian Sun
Research Fellow

  1. Structural investigation of organellar ribosomes
  2. Structural and biochemical investigation of potential targets in Mycobacteria
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