The hippocampus is well known for its functions in memory formation and mood regulation. We study how neuronal circuits in the hippocampus mediate these functions with focuses on two distinct phenomena in the adult hippocampus: place cell activity and neurogenesis. For this purpose, we take an interdisciplinary approach combining virus-mediated genetic manipulation, optogenetics and optical and electrophysiological recording techniques in behaving rodents.

Ayumu TashiroLEAD PI
Ayumu Tashiro
Assistant Professor

Phone: (65) 6908 2244
Office: CSB-12-01B-01
Tan Jia Lin
Research Associate

Charmay Koh Pearl Lin
PhD Student



  • Defining the brain circuitry defects that cause dementia
  • Development of optoelectrical bimodal monitoring technique for neuronal activity in live brain: an application to the investigation of neural circuit functions (Collaboration with Prof Wei Lei at EEE)
  • Long-Term In Vivo Imaging Of Adult Neurogenesis Induced ByBehaviourally-Driven Neuronal Activity: An Effect Of Aging (Collaboration with Prof Hiroshi Makino ​at LKC Medicine)
  • Molecular mechanisms for enrichment-induced survival of new neurons in the adult hippocampus
  • Neuronal and glial mechanisms of spatial representation in the hippocampus
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