Leave of Absence

  1. Students who are not registering any courses in any term of study and are not working on their thesis/dissertation are required to apply for leave of absence.

  2. Students who are not granted leave of absence but are absent for any period shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the University and shall have no automatic right of readmission to the University.

  3. Students are only deemed to have been granted leave of absence upon issuance of the official notification of approval by the University.

  4. Leave of absence granted is counted towards student's permitted maximum candidature. Application for leave beyond permitted maximum candidature period or during extended candidature will not be considered.

  5. Application for leave must be submitted for School's approval online via GSLink at least 7 working days in advance of the leave (with exception to applications for Outpatient Medical Leave/ Hospitalisation Leave/ Maternity Leave which may be submitted not later than 7 working days after the leave).

  6. Reasons for the leave application must be clearly indicated and relevant supporting documents must be attached. Applications without relevant supporting documents will not be processed.

  7. With the exception of Compassionate, Outpatient Medical, Hospitalisation and Maternity Leave, application submitted after the leave period has started or ended will not be considered, and tuition fees paid will not be refunded.

  8. Application for leave during official University examination period (including Revision Week) will not be considered for students who have registered for course(s) in the term of study.

  9. Students should check the terms and conditions of their scholarships, if relevant.

  10. Research students should refer to http://www3.ntu.edu.sg/asis/gso/rsls_leave_policy.pdf for further details.

  11. Students who apply for an entire term of leave of absence by Teaching Week 2 of the term and are granted the leave shall not be liable for tuition fees for the term. They are, however, required to pay an administrative fee of $50.00 plus prevailing GST for each term of leave granted to retain their names on the University's register. Any courses registered will be dropped and will not be reflected in the student's transcript.
  13. Students who apply for an entire term of leave of absence after Teaching Week 2 of the term and are granted the leave before the deadline for withdrawal of courses from examination shall be liable for tuition fees for the entire term regardless if he/she has not registered for any courses or has not attended classes or has not utilised any University resources. Any courses registered will be given "W", i.e. Withdrawal and will be reflected in the student's transcript.

  14. Students who intend to apply for full term leave must include Vacation or Recess period in their leave application. Otherwise, they shall be liable for tuition fees for the entire term regardless of the period of leave applied.

  15. Students who are granted leave of absence are not allowed to attend any classes or work on or submit their dissertation/thesis.

  16. Should students submit their dissertation/thesis for examination during their leave of absence or in the term immediately upon their return from their full-term leave, they shall be liable for fees as spelt out in Thesis submission.

  17. Students are required to report back in-person to their Schools to continue their study after the expiry of their leave. However, if student wishes to discontinue from the courses he/she has registered must apply for withdrawal from the courses through the School. Students who wish to withdraw their courses should approach their School or department for advice.

  18. Students who fail to resume study and register courses (if student has not completed required courses) after their leave has ended and do not apply for extension of leave will be deemed to have withdrawn from the University.

  19. Full-time international students granted leave of absence consecutively for more than one semester or trimester (for coursework students) or more than 3 months (for research students) are required to cancel and surrender their Student's Pass as required by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), and re-apply for a new Student's Pass prior to resumption of studies. Please approach One-Stop @ SAC for application of Student's Pass, or contact One Stop for further queries.

  20. Students are to consult their School (Supervisor or Programme Director) on the possible impact to their course of study and candidature period before applying for leave of absence.

  21. It is student's responsibility to notify the relevant Departments/course instructors regarding his/her absence from scheduled academic activities, and to seek approval for leave. Students who are absent without first obtaining approval for leave will be regarded as being absent without permission and are liable to have their student candidature terminated.

  22. The University reserves the right to refuse or revoke an approved leave of absence in the best interest of the student, or should the student be found to have provided any false or misleading information or fail to submit the relevant supporting documents.

  23. In exceptional circumstances, if a student is exhibiting at-risk behaviour that poses an imminent risk to personal safety or to members of the University community or the community at large, the University may mandate that the student to take medical leave up to 2 semesters for the purpose of seeking or continuing treatment.

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