Appeal to Academic Appeal Board

Students who have received the outcome for the review of their course results and have demonstrable evidence of procedural irregularity or unfair assessment within the assessment process, may appeal for their course results to be reviewed by the Academic Appeal Board (AAB). The AAB is the final level of appeal. Appeals must be submitted within 3 weeks from the release of results. Appeals outside the stipulated submission period will not be accepted.


Conditions for appeal to AAB

Students can submit an appeal to the AAB based on the following grounds:


Procedural irregularity: There was demonstrable evidence of irregularities in the assessment process.
​2. Unfair assessment: There was demonstrable evidence of bias against the student.
Review of administrative checks on marking is not a valid ground for appeal.


Procedures of submitting an appeal to AAB​


A student with the evidence stated in Section A should first raise his/her concern to the administrator of the School offering the course to arrange for a consultation session.
​2. After the consultation session, if the student wishes to proceed with the appeal, he/she needs to submit the following documents listed below via email to Office of Academic Services (
a. Application for Appeal against Outcome of Review form together with the demonstrable evidence mentioned in Section A
​b. Consultation Form. The consultation session must be recorded in the 'Consultation Form' by the offering School. The School will complete and pass the endorsed form to the student for his/her submission to OAS
​c. Supporting documents (if any)
​d. ​Payment receipt
3.The onus is on the student to ensure that his/her submission is complete. Incomplete submission will not be accepted. The students will receive an email notification upon receipt of complete submission with payment made.



Submission Deadline for Appeal in AY2020-21

Term Submission Deadline
Semester 1 By 19 January 2021
Semester 2 By 22 June 2021
Special Term l By 21 July 2021
Special Term ll By 2 September 2021



The fee for each appeal (per course) to the AAB is $30.00 ($32.10 including prevailing GST). Payment should be made after the consultation session with the School and the student has decided to proceed with the appeal. This fee is refundable for appeal outcomes with grade change. Only online payment via the following link is accepted.  Click here for the steps to access the online payment.


Students are advised to read through the Frequently Asked Questions before submission of their appeal to AAB.

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