Welcome to the NTU Office of Admissions​, an office within Students and Academic Services Department.

Our office is organised in the four key functional areas that support the university’s quest in recruiting quality students to pursue their undergraduate and/or graduate education.  

Undergraduate Admissions
We assist students, regardless of nationality, holding Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' Level certificate, Diploma awarded by a polytechnic in Singapore, International Baccalaureate Diploma, NUS High School Diploma, and an international qualification with their application for undergraduate degree programmes and scholarships. We also offer a range of financial assistance schemes to help students with tuition fees and personal expenses.

Graduate Admissions
We assist students with the graduate admissions (coursework and research) for all nationalities including exchange students. We also administer the NTU Research scholarships for the PhD students and support overseas programmes e.g. Summer Research Internship.

Talent Outreach
We engage students within our local secondary schools, integrated programme schools and junior colleges through the provision of exciting and novel alternative pathways to learning that extend beyond the confines of the classroom and textbook. Our programmes aim to challenge and enthuse passionate and high-ability learners, by providing them with myriad opportunities to work in world-class laboratories and learn under the close supervision and tutelage of NTU professors and researchers. 

Marketing & Operations
We provide updated information to students applying to undergraduate or graduate programmes through publications, website, social media, outreach events such as Open House and talks at local/international institutions. We also manage the operational support to ensure the smooth running of the office. 

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